Sunday, 16 April 2017

Derbyshire v Northamptonshire day 3

Derbyshire 281 and 142-0 (Reece 69 not, Godleman 63 not)

Northamptonshire 307

Derbyshire lead by116 runs

It is hard to think a positive result can come here, in a match where run scoring at any rate has proved problematic. Nor, I think, will either side be prepared to risk all in an early season match where a loss would undo what to this point has been an encouraging start. Yet if it does come, Derbyshire are in the driving seat to dictate the terms.

Full credit again to them, and specifically to Billy Godleman and Luis Reece, for batting through to a century stand in which they had to make several 'starts' with rain delays. It is little more than we have come to expect from the skipper, who with Wayne Madsen has become one of the rocks on which we depend. For Reece, though, it marked an encouraging effort and start to a county career.

As I wrote before the season started, many people I spoke to on speaking engagements over the winter in Lancashire were astonished that they allowed him to leave.  Today's innings will have done his confidence good and I hope that he kicks on from here. A century tomorrow would be the icing on the cake.

Just a short blog from me tonight, as a good friend is over visiting from the US of A.

I will be back in more detail tomorrow, likely reporting on a draw, unless it turns into a raging turner on the last afternoon, or Ben Duckett goes berserk in a run chase.

Very encouraging though so far.

Well done lads.


Roger said...

Question for you Peakfan - Do you feel we have a batting line up that would allow us to score quick enough to win games? English weather doesn't often allow for four uninterrupted days of play and I don't see our bowling attack (Even with the Quickie in) skittling over many sides for less than 200 this year.

I think we have better batsmen this year than we have had for a while but unless the team scores 4-5 an over on average, I'm worried that games which could have been win's will end up being draws with both teams often scoring 300-400.

justmissin'leg said...

You make, as usual, fair points, Peakfan.
Doubtful either side will want to risk a result, and should, then, stick rather than twist.
It being Easter Sunday, I had casual family commitment, so was unable to attend, though the 'on-off dance' due to the weather is only to be expected, particularly in April, and so i doubt I'd have been prepared to tolerate so many interruptions as a spectator.

A lead of 116 at stumps and a dry Monday forecast.

Our openers should continue to enjoy their stand and challenge themselves to score a ton each. There is good psychological yardage to be gained in so doing.
I'll try to attend the morning session, for I'm keen to study the wagon-wheel of both our bats, this being my first membership season in a decade.

Pity we let them make what they did, otherwise it might have a more exciting conclusion than were gonna get.

We might set Northants a survival challenge yet, whereby we pack a tight field and offer spin from both ends. A dominant Mendis from the Racecourse, coupled with a 'come-and-get-me' part-time from the other.

Maybe not. Maybe this Malbec has me full of optimism.
Still, cricket, like chess, it's all in the mind.

Richard said...

It's been an encouraging three days and augurs well for the rest of the four-day season. People with more cricketing nous than me rate Northants as one of the division's tops teams so to be in the driving seat at this stage says much for our determination and mettle. Everyone's chipped in.
Good on 'em.

Peakfan said...

Yes Roger, I do.
You can't compare run rates of April with those of high summer. There are fluent batsmen in the side but it has been encouraging to see them temper aggression with common sense.
You don't need 4/5 an over to win games. 500 by tea on the second day in 150 overs will give you a good chance especially as wickets dry out and we have 2 leggies...

Mark said...

I also feel it will be our attack which will let us down again this season. Will we be able to bowl sides out for less than two hundred, then hopefully go on to win matches. I'm not sure we can unless Viljoen turns into superman.