Thursday, 27 April 2017

Durham v Derbyshire RLODC

 Durham 194-2 

v Derbyshire.

No result

Watching the game unfold today, I was left with one big thought.

Hardus, Hardus. Wherefore art thou, Hardus?

The Derbyshire attack is too similar. All right arm, medium fast, with the exception of Jeevan Mendis. Once you have lined up one, you effectively have them all.

Ben Cotton bowled some good balls in his first spell and continued to do so when he came back later. He seems to have worked out his game now and zipped the ball around well. Tony Palladino bowled wicket to wicket, without looking as if success was around the corner, but for the rest there was a lot of huffing and puffing, without threatening to blow the house down.

The exception was Jeevan Mendis and no one seemed to play him confidently. He varied his pace well and beat the bat on the inside and outside with regularity. The only shot assayed in anger resulted in Jennings being stumped by a distance and only a couple of balls pulled down short ruined an exemplary spell.

The Durham batsmen worked the ball around well and were largely content to push it into wide open spaces on a big outfield and wait for the bad ball to come.

Too many came early and both the excellent Keaton Jennings and Stephen Cook were able to get away to starts more easily than should have been the case.

Three stoppages for rain helped Derbyshire and left the batsmen having to re-start, but Duckworth/Lewis left Derbyshire chasing a notional 243 in 34 overs.

It was all largely academic though, because showers of increasing frequency and content meant that Derbyshire never got out there.

We'll take that, I think. On Sunday, we simply have to bowl better than this, or Northamptonshire will score 400.

After four wickets for the second team today, there must be a temptation to play Matt Critchley and go with two leggies for greater control.

For now, adieu from soggy Chester-le-Street.


David Woolley said...

Bang on as usual Peakfan. Hardus is needed, and needed quickly, or we will find ourselves out of the RL cup pretty damned sharpish !!!
From what i've been reading, Billy doubts he will play on Sunday, but he has a chance (strangely) to be fit against our friends and neighbours on Tuesday.
Don't care what the weather is like on Sunday, as Northants will look to bat second anyway. Their skipper has said already this season that they feel they can 'outbat' any team they come up against. So Billy, even if the pitch is bright yellow, ha ha, and it's ninety degrees in the shade....Put 'em in.
Oh yes, also, please don't pick Milnes. let's see Tom Wood in the side.

LEFan said...

1. Slater
2. Godleman
3. Reece
4. Madsen
5. Thakor
6. Wilson
7. Wood
8. Mendis
9. Critchley
10. Davis/Viljoen
11. Cotton

more balanced and powerful in my opinion!

Peakfan said...

Yes I would play 2 leggies too and want Wood opening in T20. If he plays he goes up top and here he would go three. I wouldnt omit Smit either, as he is going to score runs. Hard to omit Reece though...

justmissin'leg said...

Sometimes the weather is your friend in cricket. To chase 234 off 34 overs..?!
A handy point to leave the North-East with, I reckon.
A similar scenario from either of the other remaining trips up North will have us two points above where we might've otherwise been.
If Hardus wasn't quite ready for Thursday, then Sunday could be too soon, as well as Tuesday...
It seems a pity that he was bowling well in the nets, only to strain in the week prior to liftoff.
How very DCCC.