Friday, 14 April 2017

Derbyshire v Northamptonshire day 1

Derbyshire 219-6 (Wilson 72) v Northamptonshire

What do we read into day one of what appears to have been absorbing cricket?

First, I think, that we will be no pushovers this summer. Right down the order, batsmen came in and applied themselves on a day where the visitors were always going to bowl. There was greater likelihood of Lord Lucan riding Shergar into the 3aaa County Ground than the visitors opting to bat first, with cloud overhead an a good chance of the ball nibbling around on an early season track. They have a good seam attack and it was going to be tough from there.

When you put the opposition in, however, you would hope to get three or four out before lunch, but our visitors keen attack didn't do that because the openers applied themselves. As I always said about Paul Borrington, he may not have scored runs at times, but he took the sting out of the bowlers, put overs in their legs, took shine off the ball and made it easier for those who followed.

Luis Reece did much the same on debut and with his skipper gave Derbyshire a solid start. In such conditions you are always on the edge and when four were down for 114, the Derbyshire of seasons past may well have been gone for under 200.

They weren't, largely because of a battling stand between Gary Wilson, who already looks a huge asset, and Daryn Smit. They would have picked easier conditions for a debut, but took the score to 200 before they were dismissed before the close.

'We'll be happy if we bowl them out for under 250', said Nathan Buck, who appears back to the form of his Leicestershire pomp after a tough time at Lancashire. I am sure they will, but with Jeevan Mendis and Alex Hughes at the crease there are still runs in the home side, with Milnes and Palladino to follow.

With the ball likely to keep nipping around, anything over 275 would be competitive against a seven-man Derbyshire attack. As I have said many times, you can never judge a batting display until both sides have had a go on it, but it doesn't appear a wicket on which they should flay 450 in no time.

I will always take a team that grafts and does their best in the face of adversity.

We did that today and need to keep doing it until September.

I look forward to the comments of those who were there - and everyone else!


Derby Exile said...

It was pretty attritional stuff, especially before lunch. Was sitting square leg so no idea, but Kleinveldt seemed pretty sure he'd had a couple of bad 'not-outs' from the umpire in his second spell from city end.

Outfield was very slow and all fours were earned. Shame Wilson got out before the end, as he batted really well, particularly when we had an hour or so of sun post-lunch.

Smit's knock? 19 off 69 balls says it all. Am sure he's got more strokeplay than than but, in fairness, he was mainly holding up one end for Wilson.

I would say, slight advantage Derbyshire, especially if they can post 275-300. What they don't want is a 230 all out. No rain forecast tomorrow, sun and cloud.

Final point is that there was a surprisingly large crowd there today, even though it is Good Friday.

David Woolley said...

I think the day belonged to us....just. The new lads can feel happy with their efforts on what was a typical early season track. One end, staying down a bit and the other 'popping' every now and again.
300 would be good, then let's see what they can do.
Most important for me, is not to push to hard for a win, and end up losing.
Agree with the comment about the size of the crowd, might be down to the fantastic membership offer. Nice also to see the chairman having a walk round, saying hello to people.