Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Few clues in the T20 warm-ups

There's been an encouraging couple of days for Derbyshire in the T20 warm-ups, though few clues as to what Graeme Welch sees as his strongest eleven.

There's been an experienced batting line-up paired with youngsters in one match, then a youthful batting side with experienced bowlers in the next. Then a couple of composite sides, albeit heavier in bowlers than batsmen. At the end of it all, we had three wins out of four, which we'd take when the serious stuff starts.

Of course, we don't know the standard of the opposition and given that Durham and Lancashire's first teams are both playing at present, it's safe to say that it wasn't the best that those counties had to offer. Still, you can only beat what's in front of you and another in the 'wins' column does the confidence no harm whatsoever.

I genuinely don't think I could call a first choice T20 side as there's 18-20 players who all have justifiable claims for a place in the side. Assuming all were fit and available, I think you'd say that Moore, Madsen, Chanderpaul, Durston, Chesney Hughes, North, Groenewald and a wicket-keeper were certainties.

That's eight players, all of them capable of runs and four of them  - five if you include Madsen - who can bowl.

Pick three from Elstone, Clare, Palladino, Turner, Footitt, Alex Hughes, Wainwright, Knight and Godleman, assuming you discount (perhaps wrongly) the claims of Slater (who top scored in one game today) and Borrington, who is in prime form. Who knows, one of the youngsters may have impressed sufficiently to force their way into plans.

Tough, huh?

I'd love to see your first choice side before the Lancashire game, then I'll let you know mine. We're obviously basing them on an assumption (not necessarily correct) that all of them are fit, while any team selection is based on the wicket concerned.

One interesting name in the second team of late is Gareth Cross, formerly of Lancashire. He's a very good wicket-keeper and able batsman, though he is registered with Minor Counties side Cheshire. My understanding is that this would render him ineligible for county championship cricket, but he could play T20 if required. Such a move would depend on the fitness of Richard Johnson and the terms of the loan for Dan Hodgson, of course, but a good wicket-keeper can be the difference between winning and losing in T20. I think it unlikely that Tom Poynton would be fit for at least the early stages of the competition and even more so that MS Dhoni might pop over for a few games ahead of the Indian summer tour...

Graeme Welch will be keen to ensure that he has this key role covered for the duration of this summer's domestic event and we'll doubtless know more in due course.

Finally tonight,  congratulations to Wayne Madsen for a new world record of 282 cricket ball 'keepy-uppies' with a bat in one minute.

I watched the footage tonight on the club's Twitter account and was quite envious. He gets more in the middle of the bat in one minute than I may well manage all summer  - if our ground ever dries out enough to allow play...


Marc said...

I,m just going to bide my time a wee bit longer before deciding a final eleven. At the risk of upsetting a few people,I will not be including Chanderpaul. I don,t see 20/20 as his format,simple as that. I have many weaknesses but being sentimental isn,t one of them. I,m also on the verge of leaving Durston out,though any side of mine will include a liberal dose of spinners and mobile fielders. I,ll get back to you on this, after the Kent game.

Sam said...

My side would be
C Hughes
A Hughes

The openers pick themselves, and durston finds himself down the order on account of his recent form, and the fact I want the best two batsmen in at 3 and 4, and not wasted down the order. Especially madsen with his record against spin. Elstone and Hughes are good fielders if nothing else and need to be given a chance in this format especially. In the absence of poynton, it would be a kick in the teeth for Johnson if he wasn't picked, so he's in. Hughes groenewald and palladino should be safe enough as a seam attack, if a little samey, and knight also deserves another chance after his t20 exploits 3 years ago, with turner coming in if the pitch is green to add pace and improve the fielding.

Though if fielding is a concern there is a certain Gary park playing for swarkestone, for whom a limited overs deal surely wouldn't break the bank?!

jasper said...

I believe we have signed Marcus North for the T20 so I presume he will play so my choice with everyone fit would be:

Hughes C
Hughes A

In spite of his present form I would normally include Durston, but with North offering a spin option I would be inclined to leave him out and give Alex Hughes and Elstone a chance especially with their mobility in the field. Tough one though - as Wes has often produced in T20. Chesney would be under pressure to perform as his fielding can disappoint at times.

I'm sure Welch will be giving serious thought to playing Footit, as taking early wickets is so important and he will be best placed to know if the radar is in full working order!

For me, past performances suggest that Mark seems to spray it more when he comes under pressure from batsmen looking to take advantage of the early powerplay overs, but with plenty of bowling options in that XI the risk/reward may be worth considering.

Peakfan said...

Good teams, brave decisions and interesting rationales gents! Keep them coming folks...

Anonymous said...

It was reported that Tanveer Sikander who plays Minor Counties cricket for Hertfordshire, was signed by Essex on a dual-registration arrangement. So he played county championship cricket against Leicestershire. Surely the same arrangement could be struck for Gareth Cross to play for Derbyshire

Peakfan said...

Yes, IF we need him. Only Graeme Welch and his team know that...