Thursday, 1 May 2014

Derbyshire blind cricket team

I got an e mail today from Harry, regarding the Derbyshire Blind Cricket XI. One of his closest friends plays for the team and they have their first ever league fixture this Sunday, playing away at Lancashire.

The side currently play their home fixtures at Darley Abbey. They won there first ever game last year, a friendly against Lancashire. It has taken them a few years to get enough players to form a side, but this year they have a squad of around fifteen players, including some talented youngsters who Harry feels could play for England one day. 
They are known as the Derbyshire Owls and are on the look out for more players, especially youngsters.

 If you  know of anyone who may be interested, please mail me and I will put you in touch with Harry.

Good luck to the side in their future ventures. If there's Derbyshire in the team name, they'll get my interest...

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