Sunday, 25 May 2014

Derbyshire v Gloucestershire day 1

The frustrating thing about being a Derbyshire fan in the early weeks of this season has been the way in which we have found so many different ways to shoot ourselves in the foot.

I'll not go over old ground just now, but today we appeared to have made a really good fist of our innings after losing another important early season toss. Whichever side had won it was going to bowl after a delayed start, so the portents appeared far from good.

Nonetheless, after the early loss of Stephen Moore, Wayne Madsen and Paul Borrington took us to the calmer waters of 74-1 at tea and we looked set for a decent first innings tally. Then Borrington was sent back, going for a third run and the descent began, ending with us 166-6 after 71 overs.

There were cameos by Messrs North, Hughes and Cross, but only Scott Elstone showed the combination of technique and resolve to stick in there, ending unbeaten on 36.

It was disappointing, but we live to fight another day and there's enough batting left to get us towards 250 tomorrow. Whether that is likely to be anywhere near enough to stay in the game is anyone's guess at this stage, but we'll know more around this time tomorrow.

Finally tonight, I've just watched the most extraordinary run chase as Mumbai scored 190 in 14 overs to beat  the Rajasthan Royals and qualify in the IPL. It was a remarkable effort with a series of bludgeoning blows from Kiwi Corey Anderson, who made an unbeaten 95 from just 44 balls. The match-winning six came off the very last ball and was hit by Aditya Tare off the only ball he faced.

Breathtaking stuff.

You'll gather from that my cricket was cancelled today. So from my great weekend as referred to on Friday, Derbyshire lost, Derby County lost and the cricket was off.

Good job I had a great night out with friends last night...

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Marc said...

You hit the nail on the head with your opening sentence,Peakfan. Carelessness and lack of concentration was the leading cause of our troubles.

We are now heading towards June and to keep citing the pitch as the reason for our failings is wearing a little thin. We lost one wicket in the first 30 odd overs and had progressed to a point where a platform had been laid. As happened so often last season,we once again failed to take advantage and lost wickets through our own fault.

I haven,t seen the run out which was the catalyst for the collapse that followed,but somebody was to blame for a needless error of judgement. With the exception of Moore,all the others were batting for around the half hour mark,all got a start and then got out. It,s just a repeat of what happens time and again.instead of putting pressure on our opponents we end up putting it right back on ourselves.

It,s good to see Elstone showing some fight and if he and the remaining batsmen can muster another 80 or so runs,we will at least have something to bowl at. If Gloucestershire come out of their first innings with a three figure lead,then only the weather could save us from the inevitable. We need a good day today and keep ourselves in the game.