Sunday, 11 May 2014

Derbyshire v Kent day 1

The only thing to say about today is that we lost the toss and will bat when the rain relents to allow play.

Tom Taylor was, predictably, the man left out of the Derbyshire twelve and we will see how our new-look line-up bats in due course, hopefully some time tomorrow.

Nothing more to say, really.

Oh, except SUPER RAMS!

One consolation of a very dismal  day's weather.


mark said...

Hope Derby can do it for you peakfan. Me being a Chesterfield lad as well, be great for the county to have a prem club.

Marc said...

Cricket wise an extremely frustrating day,especially considering the rest of the country got away much lighter. As I write,the prospects for any play today look every bit as bleak,so this is going to be a two day match at best.

The consolation was DCFC. A great performance though the job is still only half completed. I have to admit to having reservations when McLaren was appointed manager,but he,s done a remarkable job.