Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Surrey v Derbyshire Pro 40

Second in the Championship, now second in the Pro 40. We're flying so high we'll be getting nosebleeds next...

An amazing run chase today that set a new club record for a 40-over run chase. Irrespective of small boundaries and a weakened attack, seven an over for 40 overs takes some doing and great credit to all the players for a fine effort.

Cap'n Buck got us off to a flyer but got out before making a deserved 50, but Garry Park and Greg Smith batted so well that it didn't really matter. It was a great effort by two young players and Smith in particular was in sparkling form, making his 77 from just 52 balls.

Wavell Hinds appeared to go to a debatable catch that some thought was a bump ball and the wheels came off a little. I was concerned when I saw the team that we were light on batting and the sight of Tom Lungley coming in at seven did little to assuage my fears.

Yet it was young wicket keeper Tom Poynton who came in to play a very composed foil to John Sadler, the last of the recognised batsmen. Poynton scored two fours in the penultimate over to make the final over a three from six balls scenario, quickly settled by Sads sweeping a six from the first ball to seal the win. Anyone who has batted at the death in a close game will tell you that the temptation to simply slog is strong, but Poynton did very well for a young lad and can be proud of his contribution.

I'm really pleased for Sadler tonight. He's a good professional, has scored heavily in club and Second XI and done all he could have done to get into the side. When he got his chance today he paced it to perfection and sealed a run chase that was very impressive.

Earlier our bowlers took a pasting, with the honourable exception of Nantie Hayward who bowled a great 8 over spell for just 34. Dan Redfern bowled steadily at the death, as did Garry Park, but Tom Lungley and Ian Hunter took serious stick today.

So to the Championship tomorrow. More in the next article on that one, but for now - well done lads!

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