Friday, 21 August 2009

Derbyshire v Northamptonshire day 3

Oh dear...

That's the best I can think of to say tonight, as we lose a game by 2 wickets that was there for the taking.

I know that there were numerous outside edges passed, a couple of chances put down and a good shout for caught behind at a critical stage. Yet that doesn't mask the fact that we SHOULD have won this game.

In the last match at Leicester, we lost as the bowlers came up against a flat track. Here I'd have backed the attack to skittle them on a wicket with a lot of help and 240-plus runs to play with.

There were two things that disappointed me. One was that an ex-Test bowler goes for 7 an over on such a wicket, the other is that we played a leggie who never turned his arm over.

Now I know that Nantie Hayward suffered from the ball going off the edge, but with limited runs to play with, surely his field or his bowling need questioned? When the others go for three an over, that's 30-odd runs given away somehow, massive in the context of the game.

The other issue is a puzzler. Why did Lawson play? He's a good fielder, but they all are and he scored 20-odd this morning. Yet his non-appearance at the bowling crease suggests the skipper didn't trust him, so why did he play? Surely Hughes, Clare or Sadler would have offered more?

Like the rest of you I'm hurting tonight. I can take losing to decent sides, but this was definitely one that got away. Whether it is terminal to our promotion chances only time will tell, but it has been made a heck of a lot harder now.


Alan said...


Thank you for saying the things that I was thinking!

I was there for two of the three days, and as far as I know Northants never bowled a Spinner either. Maybe from the outset it wasn't a Spinner's track. That makes the fact that Lawson played doubly perplexing. JM could have selected an extra specialist batsman if the included 'leggie' wasn't going to be given a chance.

Two other things, one bad, one good. Firstly I was really disappointed, and not a little disgusted to hear, not for the first time, Steve Stubbings being ridiculed. It may have been an attempt at humour, but just after Wayne Madsen hit his first four in the first innings some bright individual commented loudly that he had already scored more than Stubbings would have got by lunchtime. He, and others, should remember that Stubbo served this Club loyally throughout his Derbyshire career and 'saved the day' on many occasions. Perhaps his gritty determination, and the ability to 'grind out' an innings was something Derbyshire missed in this match!

Now to the good! We may have lost, but I defy anyone who was present at Chesterfield to take a contrary view to the fact that Steffan Jones deserves a full contract for next season. If ever there was a crowd man of the match it would have had to be Steff. I have rarely heard anyone get such a consistent warm reception that he did. He bowled well, took wickets, shows whole-hearted committment to the cause, never gives up and seems to be adored by Derbyshire supporters. Are you listening JM?

Now for Kent Spitfires .....

Peakfan said...

Thanks for your comments Alan and I agree 100%. Stubbo owes nothing to anyone at Derby and if ever a player made the maximum of his talent it was him. Madsen will, I think, be a fine player for us, but you're right that there's times (as to be fair he did at Surrey recently) where you need to grit it out, something Steve did so well.
As for Steff, totally agree. He's a 100% man in whatever he does and would be a fine asset next year.

Alan said...

Thinking about your comment of Nantie Hayward going for 7 an over set me thinking. I have just had a look at the updated Derbyshire averages for Div. 2 County Championship games, the result is interesting as far as our bowlers are concerned. I have not included Madsen as he has bowled less than 10 overs:


1: Wavel HINDS = 2.89
2: Steff JONES = 3.04
3: Gary PARK = 3.06
4: Mark LAWSON = 3.13
5: Greg SMITH = 3.15
6: Tim GROENWALD = 3.27
6: Ian HUNTER = 3.27
8: Graham WAGG = 3.30
9: Jonathan CLARE = 3.42
10: Jake NEEDHAM = 3.48
11: Dan REDFERN = 3.52
12: Nantie HAYWARD = 3.83
13: Tom LUNGLEY = 4.13

As well as being economical you have to be able to take wickets, but the above is interesting, and nice fellow that I'm sure he is Nantie H is only one above Tom Lungley, who I see has already taken five championship wickets for Lancashire.