Thursday, 27 August 2009

Fifty no longer nifty..

Adieu 50 over cricket, its been a blast...

Actually, I'm pleased to see the retention of the 40-over game as it is my favourite (how often have I written that?) It's like the Chunky Kit Kat of cricket - big enough to be satisfying, enough like the real thing and not overly intrusive on time.

Best of all, there'll be three pools of seven teams, playing home and away ON SUNDAYS! Then a semi final and final. Sounds good to me.

I just hope (slips into selfish mode) that Scotland are in our group and we play them up here. A home game that meant a journey of less than 300 miles would be quite nice, but knowing my luck we'll be linked with Holland for geographical reasons...

The County Championship stays as it is until 2013 (hooray) and we'll continue to improve I'm sure. Meanwhile the Twenty/20 will be extended and we'll probably still be in the group of death since its a north/south divide. Never mind, from next year we can play two non-qualified players. So we sign Dilshan and Afridi and are well sorted. On the other hand, we may just give more opportunities to Fred Klokker...

You'll gather I'm in jovial mood tonight and it's because the weekend approaches and its been a long week. No cricket, you see. We moan when we lose (or just fail to win) but its rotten when there's no game to follow. England v Ireland really doesn't float my boat, I'm afraid.

In Division Two the games are fairly even at present with no one side seizing the initiative. Good news for us at this stage, but I still feel we're now outsiders for promotion. Having had it in our own hands that is frustrating, but we're realistically not ready yet. There's always next year. I think the departure of lots of Kolpaks will make a big difference in the strength of sides and with more good recruitment (especially in the choice of overseas player) we could be up there in the Championship again.

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