Monday, 3 August 2009

Kent v Derbyshire day 4

So, did we make a mess of things this morning, did Kent bowl well or is it swinging.

Kemp is a good cricketer, but normally takes wickets when it swings. What the rapid decline today has done is perhaps force a result one way or another. 318 from here is gettable, but if conditions are helpful, so are ten wickets.

We have the bowlers and the ability, not to mention the self belief. Early inroads are essential, but this will be a fascinating afternoon of cricket to complete a fine game. If it continues to swing, Jones, Wagg and Groenewald, backed by Smith, are every bit as good as their Kent counterparts.

The only concern is that they normally bat better in the second dig than in the first innings. Having said that, they need to make the highest score of the game to win - no mean feat.

Session by session updates and thoughts today as I have a day off and a leisurely one in prospect

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