Monday, 3 August 2009

Next season's overseas star

Well, slightly more of you think that we need a batsman more than a bowler for next year - 57% to 43%.

You may be right, but as I said last week, much will depend on who else we can sign in between times. If we got Jim Allenby to bolster the batting, well...

I'd still like to see us sign a quality spinner, but outside of Murali, Mendis, Vettori and (maybe) Afridi where are they? For that matter, where would the money for those guys come from, even if we could get them interested?

For this week's poll a nice topical one. After the loss to Kent, do you think we can regroup and get promotion this year?


Alan said...

Everyone has the right to their opinion, and I respect the view of those that think we need another batsman, but as someone in an old comedy series used say, "I am unanimous in this" - we need a sharp incisive bowler, especially one who can bowl straight! Bowling for catches is one thing, but the saying "you miss I hit" still holds good!

Waggy might well top the Derbyshire averages this year, and good-on-him for that, but for me he still gives too many runs away at crucial times. I know you can't tame the beast so-to-speak, but I hope we can get a good bowling coach who can take him in hand. Don't get me wrong I want him in the side, but a bit more control would be nice. (I'm putting my tin hat on now)

I don't think that Nantie H is any better than what we already have, but I hope to be proved wrong.

A quality spinner - well it is alright to dream isn't it?

Peakfan said...

You're right Alan. Everyone wants a quality spinner but there aren't any, readily available. My next piece is on this. Thanks for the prompt!
I'd agree Hayward hasn't fired as we (and Morris) would have hoped, but he still might.