Monday, 19 September 2016

Worcestershire v Derbyshire preview

The last four days of a long and arduous season start tomorrow, in the scenic splendour of Worcester.

There are many worse places to watch, and doubtless to play the game and Derbyshire travel with a squad of considerable youth.

With Neil Broom ruled out because of the birth of his third child and Callum Parkinson Leicester-bound, Greg Cork comes into the following squad:

Billy Godleman
Ben Slater
Alex Hughes
Wayne Madsen
Tom Wood
Harvey Hosein
Greg Cork
Tom Milnes
Rob Hemmings
Tony Palladino
Will Davis
Ben Cotton

I'll not second guess the man to be left out, but the game represents a final chance to make a case for next summer, while going into the winter in good fettle.

The home squad:


Of course we hope for a win, but either way we will be anchored to the bottom of the table, with much to do over the winter months.


Tim, Chesterfield said...

I'll do your guessing then.

Hemmings won't play.

Peakfan said...

Maybe..but he has been in good nick with bat and ball in 2s...perhaps deserves a chance in a not especially long batting order...

Peakfan said...

Maybe..but he has been in good nick with bat and ball in 2s...perhaps deserves a chance in a not especially long batting order...

notoveryet said...

I can see the possibility of a 2 day finish in this, as Worcs lean heavily on a useful array of pace bowlers, and I'm sure the pitch reflects this, as does Derbyshire's decision to bowl and their selection of 5 pace bowlers. I'm a little surprised that Critchley has been left out as he's been batting well in recent matches and would have strengthened the batting a little. One of the ironies of the season is that he's spent most of the year bowling at well set batsmen with no pressure on them, and now that our bowlers have rediscovered the art of taking wickets, he's no longer in the team. It would have been good to have him for the last 16 overs against Leics, when he might have caused more problems for the tailenders than Parkinson did, the terrible drop off his own bowling aside. I'm not sure what we're going to get from 5 quick bowlers that we wouldn't get from 4, but it will be interesting to see how Greg Cork goes. Interesting to note some of the names in the ECB pace performance group named yesterday, none of whom have had the impact, or have the pace, of Will Davis. He might feel a little hard done by, although as I commented last week, it would be good to see him taking as many wickets with good length balls as he does with short balls.

There's going to be a lot of pressure on Wood here at 5, as he looked well out of his depth at 6 against Leics. As I understand it, all of his experience is as an opener, and I wonder how fair a test of his ability it was to add batting so far out of the position he's familiar with to the pressure of making his debut, and perhaps feeling that he was on trial for a contract as well. I understand the principle of easing people in, but opener to 6 is a big jump, as Ben Slater commented when he was asked to do it earlier in the year.