Saturday, 24 September 2016

Chesney Hughes leaves

Half an hour after my last post, the news breaks that Chesney Hughes has, indeed, left Derbyshire County Cricket Club.

It is disappointing, as the departure of a player who has given good service always is, but to be honest I had been expecting this for the past few weeks, like most of you and the announcement at least draws an end to a process that hasn't been 'clean' from any perspective.

That the club has been unable to agree terms with Chesney suggests that the demands from the player or his agent, in one way or another, had been unrealistic. At the end of the day, the club has a salary structure that has to be adhered to.

Chesney had his best summer this year, averaging over fifty in the first-class game, but whatever he was wanting, either in salary or in conditions of contract, the club was not prepared to meet. That is their prerogative and they have made the decision based on information that only they know.

That he was wonderful to watch on the good days is undeniable. That he was frustrating on the bad ones is too, the feet not moving and the same mistakes being made this summer that were when he first emerged on the county scene.

The bottom line for me is that Gary Wilson, the one player signed at this stage, has a better first-class average in all formats than Chesney and offers more from a team balance perspective than he did. There was a time when the big Anguillan's slow left arm suggested itself as a potent option, but more recently he has turned his arm over only slightly more often than me.

Difficult situations - and no one can deny that we are not in that - require difficult decisions. If this situation was affecting the mood within the club and causing discord (which it may or may not have been) then the parting of the ways is for the best. The only way that we can move forward as a club is if everyone in it is pulling in the same direction.

No player is bigger than his club and if this leads to improvement for Derbyshire and the furtherance of Chesney Hughes' career then it is very much for the best.

We will always remember the days when Chesney bludgeoned opposition attacks, while his marathon 270 against Yorkshire has left him indelibly stamped in the club record books.

I wish him well in his career and thank him for the entertainment he provided.

As for Derbyshire, the rebuilding has begun and I can't find fault with decisive action.


Gareth Lee said...

I like your constant and eternal optimism but sometimes you have to admit that things at the club have gone wrong. For example, thePR around having a fund for specialist coaching each year has quickly disappeared.

This season has been a disaster. All well and good having nice new shiny things on the boundary but it would also be nice to win an occasional game or two.

Are we planning to use the signing of Wilson, as good as it is, as an counter argument for every other bad decision by the club?

I agree with other commentators that Sadler is associated with poor decisions, poor performances and poor selections. The sooner we get rid the better.

Peakfan said...

Think I admitted that in todays pieces Gareth! No, but no player can hold a club to ransom over terms. Losing Madsen would be a disaster. Losing Chesney isnt as there are plenty of mid 30s average bats out there.
Those shiny things are needed for Sky and World Cup purposes, come from a ring fenced budget and are part of a deal to bring people to a worthwhile club.
Cant expect top players to come to something from 30 years ago, nor supporters to tolerate such facilities

Anonymous said...

I think we both understand that the off the field developments have been an improvement and have been paid for by funding not allowed for playing staff.

And I do understand that there is a benefit in the long-term to the development of the ground. But, this massive improvement, cannot be at the detriment to forgetting that we do actually need to win a game of cricket or two every once in a while.

Not sure how you consider Sadler not associated with failure it oh well.

Just waiting for his announcement as Head Coach for the next few seasons just like Welch had his contract extended this year based on his exceptional performances.


Peakfan said...

You are misinterpreting Gareth! Yes, Sadler has endured a tough season but took over in difficult circumstances. What was meant was that all coaches have bad spells and good...I dont think you should write off a coach for one poor season nor consider him so when there is a lot going on in the background and he's basically choosing from kids and three or four seniors

P Fitzpatrick said...

Sad to see Chesney go and I'm sure he'll do well at his new county
I am deeply concerned with the current events
Constant turnover of staff and poor communication ( Ches. Rutherford, Botha)
Still waiting on Kim Barnetts report which made the news on Sep 5th
Major Surgery required
Needs an old head , experienced coaching team to be ALLOWED to manage and develop talent
A bit like what we had with Krikken and Houghton !!

jasper said...

I agree it's difficult to judge Sadler based on what he has had to choose from no overseas an under performing kolpak form player injured (thakor) . However I do wonder if we need a more dynamic fresh approach to galvanise what I still believe is a number of talented young players. I would love to see Chris Adams here....#pipedream?

Anonymous said...

Well if it is not Sadler's fault, someone has to take some accountability at the Club for us being in the situation where we have to play youngsters because it is our only choice.

Whether it is his fault or not, I would suggest if you ran a poll to see if anyone would be happy with the appointment of Sadler as permanent Head Coach there would be not be a massive amount of support for him. Even Billy Godleman in his Radio Derby interview yesterday thanked the support of Tony Palladino, Wayne Madsen and Kim Barnett over the last few months. I know that is me potentially spinning a single interview piece but oh well, there was a chance to thank the coaching setup but none was taken.

Anyway, I think we both understand we need A LOT of Senior player signings. Whether the powers that be also see that may be a completely different matter!!


Mark said...

Sadler would be a disastrous appointment and I feel at least 90% of Derbyshire fans would agree. We need to appoint from outside the club this time, there has to be a good option somewhere. Membership will be at an all time low if Sadler does get it, but don't be surprised if he does.

Anonymous said...

Sad to see Chesney go. He was great to watch when on form but a nightmare when out of touch. I think he needed to go for his own development to see if another club can knock those rough edges off him.
As for Head Coach or whatever you want to call the post I would like to see a fresh pair of eyes someone previously not connected with club.
I find it hard to put my other thoughts into words without it turning into a rant.

Roy of the Falcons said...

Sorry the Anonymous post ending "without it turning into a rant" is mine.

We offer to an applicant a chance to show that they can make a big difference to a group of relativity young players in circumstances where only limited money is available. If they are successful in turning around our fortunes they may only stay for a couple of years but I for one would take that. This would give the youngsters belief and the opportunity to develope at a faster rate.
This appointment needs to be made quickly so that person can at least have some input on the players he will be managing/coaching.

I would like to see Wes Durstan signed on a limited overs contract only. I think he still has a couple of good years in him in that format and his experience would be invaluable.