Sunday, 25 September 2016

Fantasy League final placings

Warm congratulations to David Aust, who once again came out on top in the Peakfan Blog Fantasy Cricket League.

It was less of a runaway success than last year, just 500 points separating David from Dean Doherty, whose teams came in both second and third  with only 400 points between them.

Paul Kirk came fourth and Chris Hallam fifth and Martin Halls was sixth.

At the other end of the table, yours truly was third bottom, probably the result of not looking at it from the middle of June and still having plenty of subs come season end.

Finally, Jamie Holmes came second bottom, while Paul Walters 'did a Derbyshire' and came in last place.

Thanks to all of you for taking part and I hope it gave you a little fun through the summer.

David takes the medals for overall winner and winner of the wickets league, while Chris Hallam is the winner of the runs league.

If both of you can drop me a note of your addresses I will get them to you in the next few days, courtesy of the Daily Telegraph.


David Aust said...

Thanks for running the competition again this season Steve. Lets hope next year proves to be a better one on the pitch than this one. Feeling confident already.....

Dave 'Berkshire Falcon'.

Chris said...

Congrats Dave