Thursday, 8 September 2016

Smit double century as seconds draw

It must have been a jolly old morning at Belper today, as Derbyshire Seconds advanced their overnight 364-6 to 519-7 by the interval.

Full marks to the talented Rob Hemmings, who made a splendid 85 from 127 balls, but the star of the show was again South African Daryn Smit (pictured), who advanced his overnight 110 to an unbeaten 200 from 281 balls, with seventeen fours and four sixes. The pair added 211 in 43 overs, in what must have been something quite special to watch.

The game ended in a draw, with Ben Cotton picking up two and Hemmings one wicket before Neil Brand saw Glamorgan to a comfortable draw. Brand sounds like a player of talent and potential, but from a Derbyshire perspective, so does Smit.

It is hard to think he could have done more in two trial matches, keeping wicket tidily and recording scores of 59, 10 not and 200 not. It echoed the feats of Peter Kirsten when he arrived forty years ago and turned out for our second team and Smit could be an equally important player, if given the opportunity.

I fail to see how he couldn't be engaged on the back of his efforts, though of course am no more privy to the winter team-building plans than any of you. For me, it would be better to sign a player of established reputation back home, with one to build here, rather than one of a handful of keepers here who would be perhaps coming for one last pay day.

Unless we have AB de Villiers lined up as overseas ( a man can dream, huh?), Smit would do me very nicely and would doubtless be an asset in all forms of the game. I'd have liked to see him bowl a few overs today, as others have commented, but you need someone competent behind the timbers and maybe no one was up to that role.

Here's hoping there will be appropriate conversations in the next few days. If he turned out half as good as Wayne Madsen we'd have few complaints and I suspect he would be much more than that. Nor do I fear another Dominic Telo, a player of talent but one who played most of his domestic cricket at a lower level than the county game and struggled here. One doesn't skipper a South African franchise side, as Smit has, without having something special to offer.

Anyway, that's it from me for now. As I mentioned earlier in the week, hand surgery awaits tomorrow and a little enforced down time. Should any news break, I'll be back courtesy of my daughter, be assured of that.

Meantime, enjoy your weekend!

PS Thanks to those who were at Belper for their informed and well-expressed comments. Very much appreciated


Anonymous said...

Before we all get too excited it is worth noting that by the time next season starts he will be 33 in 64f/c matches he averages 31 with three centuries

Peakfan said...

Might be worth noting those stats again, Anon.

He will be 33, average 36, six tons and 31 50s in 172 knocks. List A average 31 T20 24

Comparing him to others who have been mentioned:

O'Brien 35, average 35, 14 tons, 45 fifties in 269 knocks
List A 31, T20 21

Mustard 34, average 30, 7 tons, 47 fifties in 297 knocks. List A 31, T20 24

Unless we can lure a younger talent like Rossington to Derbyshire, he firmly gets my vote.

The age is part of the appeal. Hosein is, as I have said before, my pick for long-term. Yet 2-3 years alongside an experienced keeper takes him to 23, when he would perhaps be ready for the role full-time.

Anonymous said...

You right, he will be 33, the same age as Wayne Madsen, AB De Villiers, Hashim Amla and and and......I can't post the screenshot of his cricinfo profile but in fact it is 116 f/c matches with 6 hundreds and 31 fifties at an average of 36.07 for a keeper/batsman, that's worth noting.

Tim, Chesterfield said...

I'm starting too agree with you re Smit. He'd have to go some, for a long time, to be worthy of mentioning alongside Kirsten though.

Peakfan said...

Of course Tim but Peter galvanised a batting side as Smit would, I think. Came through the same SA under 19 side as those you mention and batted five in it. Good player. Has to be with his record and I am unsure who we could get who would be better tbh.
I guess it will all depend on the coach appointed

Anonymous said...

Martin says

Would he be our overseas player or is he UK Eligible?

I think we have greater need for an overseas bowler than wicketkeeper ,unless the chairman has a few good UK qualified bowlers lined up.

Peakfan said...

I understand that he has an ancestral could play here on that if we chose to sign him.
Totally agree the overseas should be a quality bowler!