Saturday, 20 August 2016

Quieter than a winter week

It's been a lovely week of weather on the coast and family Peakfan has now returned home to be met by...rain.

Never mind, it's good for the grass and flowers.

The encouraging news, picked up from the times when the erratic wi-fi worked, is that we must have major winter plans. As Huw Lloyd picked up from his interview with Wayne Madsen, the players we are bringing in have to be of proven first-class standard. While not discounting the signing of a young player or two - and both Tom Wood and Charlie MacDonnell have given themselves a good shout of a contract - our major need is proven experience.

I remain convinced that our greater need is for an overseas bowler, especially in the four-day game, so another experienced batsman, together with a wicket-keeper who can bat high in the order, is a must for me. So too is ideally a strike bowler and spinner of experience. We were always going to miss Mark Footitt, while  we cannot rely on young lads to carry the spin side of the attack, especially as Wes Durston has slipped from the reckoning.

Of course, targeting such players and getting them to sign on the dotted line are different things, but Madsen, Godleman and Thakor must have reasonable grounds for expecting such signing to be landed to do so themselves.

Plenty to think about over the coming weeks then, and ahead of our next game, at Derby against Gloucestershire in the championship.

More on that in the near future.

In closing, I read today that Niall O'Brien is leaving Leicestershire 'with immediate effect' to pursue an 'exciting new opportunity'.

He's a very good, combative cricketer, with a mid-thirties batting average to match his age, one who would buy time for Harvey Hosein as he makes his way in the county game.

If that new opportunity is within the game, he would be a more than useful addition to our squad, beyond doubt. 

And as always, I welcome your thoughts...


Steve B said...

Would definitely go for O'Brien - compotent wicketkeeper, aggressive proven batsman capable of playing up and down the order and a fierce competitor often plays up to the line of acceptable. Wouldn't have thought he'd be expensive given his age and contract at Leics. Given the dearth of depth of wicketkeepers at other counties (you only have to see Stephen Croft keeping wicket at Lancs), I would expect to see a number of counties trying to secure him for a year or two

Adam said...

I have been awaiting your return Peakfan, it has been strange not having the blog to check up on, I hope the holiday went well. It has however, given us all time to reflect on a disappointing game against Essex and a frustrating season.

I agree that Naill O'Brien would be an ideal potential recruit, a good player and an experienced leader in the dressing room. The news that Shiv and Billy have signed new contracts was obviously very pleasing and it was good to hear from the chairman with his statement after the Essex game. Although some people will say that we have heard this before. I have become a little concerned at the rift that seems to exist between the supporters and the management of the club at present and the communication between the two has been lacking at times this season. I fear that an 'us and 'them' mentality is developing and this is not healthy for anyone.

Looking ahead for next season, there are still many positives to build on as the shape of a good side is already at the club. I would hope that the coaching situation will be clarified sooner rather than later and that we can focus on recruiting the right calibre of player to take us forward. The overseas player(s) will require a lot of thought, especially with the high volume of international cricket next summer with the Champions Trophy and not forgetting the IPL and CPL. I think that we may well have to have one overseas player for the first half of the season and another to follow after this (maybe someone who has been involved in the Champions Trophy can be persuaded to stay on). If we are to have an overseas bowler, which I would have thought would be logical, then it will be hard to find someone with the right quality who is available for all the season. How lucky Leicestershire are to have Clint McKay!

Roy of the Falcons said...

I know events sometimes over take you and now is the time players are seeking new contracts but I can't help feeling we are putting the cart before the horse. The chairman has hinted that there are some new signings but should a new head coach/ elite performance director be building their team.

Anonymous said...

Another disappointing season then.Failed in the league and the cups and have to say the overseas players havn't performed to expectations with not a hundred between them.It's all very well the chairman making these bold statements about major improvements on the field but we've heard it all before and the supporters are losing patience.I have supported Derbyshire cricket all my life and would love to see them competing with the big boys but I havn't been to watch them for some time now and that's because I fully expect them to lose so what's the point.Sorry to sound all doom and gloom but until the team start winning on a regular basis then it's hardly surprising.Jeff.