Monday, 22 August 2016

Davis and Hemmings sign new deals

After the new contracts for Shiv Thakor and Billy Godleman in the week, it is good to see two of our younger brigade, Rob Hemmings and Will Davis, signing two-year deals today.

Hemmings produced some good displays for the second team this summer, but can bat and bowl, making him a potentially fine cricketer for us if his development continues.

Davis is a little further on in his development and his extra pace marks him as a player to watch. He will need carefully nursed as his body fills out, but in a handful of appearances he has shown himself capable of dismissing good batsmen. With plenty of time on his side, he could become the real deal as a strike bowler, if he listens to the right people and works hard on all elements of his game.

They are not signings to excite the doubters, but they have the right stuff and, with the right players alongside them, could help to build a brighter future.

Well done to both on their deals.


Mark said...

I hope this isn't what Chris Grant was getting excited about the other day in his statement. Proper quality signings are needed for the team now, not for the future. Great that the youngsters are committing themselves to the county, but I'm expecting exciting announcements this autumn/winter.

Gary said...

See Hampshire have signed another of our ex players in Mr Wainwright. Interesting to see how he goes as he has excellent figures for Shropshire this year

Tim, Chesterfield said...

Feels like season's finished.

Mark said...

It has Tim, it has. I think we should just forfeit these last few matches as motivation will be non existent, just like for the majority of this season. I still find it totally unacceptable that we've not won a championship match all season.

Anonymous said...

Their you have it mark, palladino signs a two year contract.

That's the exciting news?


notoveryet said...

Just a small comment on Mark's suggestion of forfeiting the last few matches. If we're not going to field our strongest side again, we'll have given up on almost a third of our home matches, and a lot of people have paid a lot of money for the pleasure of watching that. Hopefully, this will be some sort of motivation for the team even if there's no other.