Sunday, 14 August 2016

Derbyshire v Essex day 2

Essex 530-9 (Browne 229 not, Milnes 6-93)

Derbyshire 116-6 (Broom 31, Mellor 20 not)

Essex lead by 414 runs

On a day when Mo Farah won his third Olympic gold medal to enter the sporting pantheon, Derbyshire were sadly like one of the runners that he lapped last night.

Nick Browne made his predicted and predictable double century, Essex amassed the expected runs and then our early order collapsed like a pack of cards on the same wicket. It was horribly frustrating to follow from afar and must have been awful and inexplicable to watch.

Neil Broom batted a while but got out when set, Charlie MacDonnell dug in, as did Alex Mellor and Matt Critchley, but we are hopelessly outclassed here.

I don't think we have helped ourselves with the team selection and order though. Alex Hughes bowled first change, but only got twelve overs in an innings that lasted 145. Then he bats three, which isn't his position, while MacDonnell batted six, instead of his usual first wicket down. It is all a little messy and the end of the season cannot come fast enough right now. Surely Greg Cork's left arm swing might have, at least, given another angle? Certainly the two spinner option didn't work, the youngsters taking a combined 2-277.

There is so much work to be done this winter, but a squad like ours can ill afford the number of injuries at present. The only bright spots were the grafting ability of the younger batsmen, together with the bowling of Tom Milnes.

Sometimes the burden of responsibility sits well on a player and Milnes has bowled increasingly well in the past two games. His earlier appearances have been marked by erratic lines and lengths, but 6-93 in 32 overs when your team is hit for 500 is a splendid effort by any standards.

As things stand, he is one player who can leave this game with his head held high.

With fair weather forecast, we look like losing this one by an innings and plenty.

You'd have to say that's pretty poor fare.


Tim, Chesterfield said...

Embarrassing performances compounded by muddled thinking. Very poor show overall and I feel sorry for anyone who had to watch it without the aid of copious amounts of beer from the festival.

Knack said...

Who is in charge at the moment Steve ?, Sadler,Barnett, the chairman, the photographer ? Since our implosion in the one day game it looks like a pigs breakfast. The end of the season can't come too soon.

Old Supporter said...

The selection policy for this match, not for the first time this season, is open to serious question. Irrespective of his recent form, Chesney Hughes, averaging over fifty and with the chance of a thousand in the season, is playing local cricket and must be wondering why he is not afforded the same opportunities as Broom. Until recently Slater has also been under-used in the four-day game.

Matthew Critchley should simply not be playing the longer form of the game when his three wickets have cost around a hundred and fifty apiece. He lies about number two hundred in the combined national averages and his confidence needs to be developed at second team and local level, not destroyed by the array of batsmen lining up to score a double hundred against us.

Old Supporter

Anonymous said...

Sorry but this just looks like a total shambles. Is there a single Derbyshire bowler that would get into any other county side? Not a chance. Well, maybe Shiv Thakor. But that's it, and if he's hit any sense he'll be checking his options right now.

There's a big shout out at the moment to save our counties, but we have to be worth saving if we are going to win that one. What I'd give for an Eddie Barlow right now!
Andy Thorpe

Peakfan said...

Knack, I can't answer that one, but what appears clear is that the wheels are coming off right now and such muddied selection policies are often the result of too many people being involved.

It is alright having a say in things, but at the end of it all, the coach is the one whose name and reputation are on the line. No one else, so he should have the final say.

Tim, Chesterfield said...

Where is Shiv Thakor by the way? You have to assume Wes Durston has played his final game for the club along with Rutherford. Presumably no official line for his absence and given Broom's dire form we're left to form our own conclusions as to their different treatment.

Knack said...

I don't like the way it's going. The Chairman wants to be in charge, the President wants to be in charge and the new coach ( when he is announced ) will want to be in charge. Too many cooks.

Peakfan said...

Shiv is injured mate

Mark said...

Beyond pathetic now this state of affairs at Derbyshire. There has to be huge change this winter from top to bottom. Sadler shouldn't get the job, but Probably will do due to him already being there and the cost ( easy option again ), and the playing staff needs ripping up and starting again. I personally would keep all the youngsters and just keep hold of Madsen and Thakor of the established lot. Yes, I know it won't happen but brutality is the only way to do it sometimes.

And please tell me how a county can score 530 with ease, and one can make the pitch look like a minefield when batting. Yes, they're better but not by this much surely.

Gary said...

Bit shambolic. A new coach should have been appointed when Welch left in order to give them half a season to look at who they wanted to keep for the new season. As it is then they will be left with half a squad who's confidence is at zero and another year of hearing how we are building a team for next season
It's OK playing people like Critchley but his confidence in the 4 day game must be shot at the moment and it can't be helping going forward getting 0 for 150 every week.
Also see Andy Carter took 4-52 on his debut for Hampshire - clearly not that bad a bowler and definitely not one you release before your three most important games of the season having played every game up to then - poor management

Peakfan said...

Not as clear cut as that re Carter, Gary. Sometimes a parting is for the best both ways. you wouldnt keep Billy? Seriously? Thats daft mate