Monday, 1 August 2016

Derbyshire v Leicestershire RLODC

Derbyshire 260-6 (Broom 90, Godleman 66)

Leicestershire 0-0 (chasing 230 in 38 overs)

Match Abandoned

The rain that fell on the 3aaa County Ground tonight, marking the end of our one-day cricket for the summer, may have been symbolic of supporter tears at an opportunity missed.

A few short days ago, we were top of the section in the Royal London One-Day Cup, needing two wins from four to qualify for the knock-out stage of the competition. We won none of them and that's a thought that will sit uneasily over the next few weeks and months.

That more work is needed is a given. That new players are essential is likewise. There is good young talent at the club - Ben Slater has done very well, Matt Critchley bowled well in most one-day cricket, Shiv Thakor and Alex Hughes had their moments. There is the nucleus of a decent one-day side, but we need able and experienced reinforcements for another summer.

Billy Godleman played another good hand today and, like Slater, has had a good RLODC campaign, but runs eluded Wes to the end. Perhaps, at last, teams have got wise to him and tuck him up. Give him width or lose your length and he'll destroy you, but maybe the feet aren't moving so well - it appeared so when I saw him this summer.

Neil Broom finished the competition in better fettle than he started it and followed a good innings at Durham with an accomplished 90 here. It has taken him a while to get used to English wickets and I am sure that the intensity of the games, with no time to recharge batteries as there is back home, has come as a surprise. Hopefully we will see improved form next year, when he certainly owes us a few runs.

Alex Hughes and Jimmy Neesham helped Broom to take Derbyshire to a competitive total, but any chance of finding out it it would have been a match-winning one disappeared in the gathering storm clouds.

It is, as the chairman put on Twitter over the weekend, hugely disappointing that we have no one-day cricket after the first day of August. We should be used to it by now, but there is no reason to accept second best, nor do I think we will.

At the end of the summer, I think we need a quick decision on the coaching role, as the successful candidate may draw people to work with him. I would not attempt to second guess that one, nor suggest who may be in the frame, but we need to get it right. John Sadler has let no one down, but the early impetus dissipated over the last few games and a big finish is required.

 The existing coaching set up hasn't worked, or if it did, only in a qualified manner. Lesson need learned from that and more resources put on, rather than off, the pitch. Knowing the people on the club board, they will not need that pointed out to them.

There is only pride, and the avoidance of a wooden spoon to play for in the four-day game. As was pointed out by notoveryet last night, the contracts of Messrs Durston, Hughes (C), Slater, Palladino, Cotton, Hosein, Davis, Cork, White and Hemmings are up at season end, according to the club website. While I suspect the club will want to retain the services of most, there is an incentive for others to earn another deal where there may be an element of doubt.

Plenty to play for then, but alas, not enough of major import for the loyal fan base.

More from me tomorrow, all being well.


JFutter said...

The recent results show that Sadler's initial success was the honeymoon period often experienced by clubs when a new man takes over. I'm not saying he's done a particularly bad job but I do think it shows we need someone different to take the reins, even if Sadler does remain in some form or another

Roy of the Falcons said...

Not sure what the club's website says about Ben Cotton or Harvey Hossien and their contract lengths but I have them being given extensions to the end 2017.

Knack said...

Only 3 of the players out of contract would interest another county. Lots of short points. Thakor needs a rest. Hughes A needs a run in the championship. Neesham needs retaining ( will only get better) Davis needs to be allowed to be expensive, ditto Critchley ( please can we treasure him ). Play Slater ( felt for the lad ). Sign a hard nosed overseas guy ( easier said than done ). Spinner ( ditto ). New coach ( good luck with that ). I have omitted a couple of people for diplomatic reasons.

notoveryet said...

Roy's absolutely right. I don't know if I misread it or the website's been updated since I looked a couple of months ago, but Hosein and Cotton are contracted to 2017. It still leaves a lot of decisions to be made. I'm not convinced by arguments for John Sadler, though I'm not sure it's fair to saddle him with responsibility for the poor results since Welch left. The seeds of this were sown by actions over three years, but as Welch's right-hand man, Sadler was either involved in taking them (so why would we expect anything different if he gets the job permanently) or lacked the influence to persuade Welch to do otherwise. The continuation of the random selection policy and odd tactical decisions have continued since Welch left, so I suspect the former.

It's worth reflecting when looking for signs of progress, we won fewer one day matches this year than in 2015, and the same number as in Krikken's last year. The percentages won are 32% in 2016, 36% in 2015, 22% in 2014, 32% in 2013, 27% in 2012, and 36% in 2011 and 2010. So the prioritisation of one day cricket has got us precisely nowhere in terms of either results or outcomes.

Anonymous said...

I think the best years for durston and palladino are well behind them now, I think its time to move on and put some new blood into the team. id like to see Derbyshire make for out of favour bowler nathan buck, and bring in a overseas fast bowler someone on the fringers of the Aussie side or the south African?

King Sinbad.