Saturday, 1 March 2014

Who are you?

Not just the title of a Who classic, but more an attempt to recognise the regular users of this blog.

My resolution for the year ahead is to pay greater attention to the usage of it and adjust the stat counter to reflect the fact that usage by mobile phone, iPad, and Mac isn't picked up at present.

Given that 14% of users are now on iPad, 12% on iPhone, 8% on Android and 5% on Macs and Blackberries, I need to recognise that, pretty sharpish!

For those curious about such things, 29% of use is through Safari, 22% through Firefox, 20% through Internet Explorer and 15% through Chrome, the remainder on a range of browsers.

As for countries, usage in the UK is naturally the greatest, followed by the USA, Germany, Australia, India, France, Netherlands, South Africa, Italy and Spain. While acknowledging that some of that will be holiday usage, it is always nice to hear from Derbyshire fans whose lives and work are now overseas. If nothing else, they make me feel local and thanks to all of you for your ongoing support and regular e mails.

The stat counter has now been adjusted to reflect the current usage by all of you and, until I can find one that registers usage by all devices, I will manually adjust the counter every quarter.

I hope to be back tomorrow with the concluding part of the A-Z of Derbyshire cricket, Unsurprisingly, there's no X or Z and none whose name began with a letter Y worthy of mention in the illustrious company thus far.

There are, however, a good few candidates under W and I look forward to bringing you my choice at some point on Sunday. Then, next week it will be the second installment of the Chris Taylor interview and before you know it, we'll be back to the pre-season pieces.

I also hope to have a poll on the site to take your forecasts for the championship and one-day campaigns.

So do keep checking in!

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