Thursday, 27 February 2014

You just have to be impressed...

It's impossible not to be impressed by the goings-on at the County Ground over recent weeks.

On and off the field, Derbyshire look like they are moving in the right direction. There are vastly improved communications to enjoy, as well as innovative film of the players in training - player cam is great and I suspect a whole lot less dangerous than facing our quick bowlers in the flesh.

There's good news to enjoy too - Chesney is fit, batting AND bowling; the whole squad is fully fit and raring to go. Training regimes appear to be demanding, pressurised and enjoyable, as well as highly innovative. Eye tracking? I'll bet we've never used that one before, though it sounds massively beneficial and indicative of a level of professionalism that we haven't previously attained at the county.

There's also yoga and I cannot think any fan can fail to be impressed by what Graeme Welch has brought into the club in his brief tenure in charge. Welch, with his coaches, has the opportunity to build something very special at Derbyshire and I cannot wait for the cricket to start.

In any coaching reshuffle in any sport, there will be players who respond to increased opportunity, new ideas and a change of tactics, while there will also be those who either stand still or whose progress is less marked. It will be fascinating to see who steps up to the plate in what looks set to be an exciting summer.

I've also been impressed by the items in the ongoing club auction and the generosity on the part of players. I'm sure that some of these things would have been treasured by the players for the efforts that they represent, but the response has been very good. I'd have been up for a few of them myself, but the prices went outside my price bracket and deservedly so.

The players deserve maximum respect for their efforts and I hope that the final tally is worthy of the work and initiative that has gone into it.

Finally tonight, thanks to all of those who got in touch last night after the blog reached half a million hits. Your thoughtfulness is much appreciated, as is your ongoing support.

See you soon!


Anonymous said...

I am a Derbyshire fan and mainly go to the one day matches and since finding your site , have enjoyed reading everyone of your Blog thank you Martin
Martin Hadfield

Peakfan said...

Thanks Martin - I really appreciate your kind words - please stay in touch!