Friday, 7 March 2014

We're off on the road to...Abu Dhabi!

I have to say that I've been mightily impressed by the innovative training methods brought in by Graeme Welch since his arrival at the County Ground and today sees the next step in pre-season training. It is one in which the squad follow the fairly new but growing in popularity Flintstone principle, now regarded as a sure way to get off to a flyer when the real cricket starts.

In a nutshell, those who stay at home and practice in the cold British Spring struggle and don't do so well. On the other hand, those in Abu Dhabi do...

Thank you, you've been a wonderful audience...

Lest there be any Dubai-ety about it (somebody stop me...) the results don't matter all that much, although there's no harm in getting a winning habit established as early as possible. Given that the opposition includes a fast-improving New Zealand side who have been playing good and recent cricket, it would be a tall order, yet Graeme Welch will doubtless settle for the bowlers gaining a little rhythm with sun on their backs, together with batsmen gaining valuable time in the middle.

Nets are fine, they get actions grooved again and the batsmen's feet moving, but there's no substitute for the real thing. With around fifteen to twenty players with genuine hopes of regular first team cricket this summer, they will all want to make an early impression that will see them in poll position when Welch names his side for the first competitive match. I'm sure we all wish them well and will look forward to score updates in the coming days.

I just hope they have packed plenty of sun cream..

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