Sunday, 9 March 2014

342-8 from 50 overs?

Crikey, we don't often make that score in high summer, let alone in the first game of the season...

A terrific first day by Derbyshire, led by 94 from Wes Durston, 72 from Stephen Moore and 47 from Billy Godleman. Having said that, all the batsmen got in and got going, so Graeme Welch will be very pleased with this initial effort.

I'd hope we could defend such a total, but it will be good to see the bowlers getting rhythm and an early win will be welcome, as it always is.

In other news, former Derbyshire batsman Mohammad Kaif, who played for the county in 2003,  will contest the 2014 Lok Sabha elections from Uttar Pradesh's Phulpur constituency on behalf of the Congress party. I cannot think of another Derbyshire player who has chosen such a path outside the game, so look out for that one in trivia quizzes in the future!

I wish him luck. Kaif was no Mohammad Azharuddin, but in his season with us showed himself to be a batsman of charm and class, even if a little at sea on English wickets when the ball was moving around. In that he was hardly alone, though and when the conditions were more in his favour, his wristy style and brilliant fielding in the covers were a joy to watch.

More from me at the end of today's game.

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