Sunday, 29 September 2013

A brief diversion...

I know this is a cricket blog, but I'm saddened by the sacking of Nigel Clough by Derby County.

Yes, we have been mid-table for a few seasons and we've lost three straight games, two against local rivals, but the man has done well on little money, shopping in the bargain basement and bringing through youngsters while playing an attractive brand of football. The names being banded around as a successor have not done that in most cases and it is a fine art that should not be underestimated.

It is much the same challenge for Karl Krikken. His job would be much easier if he could go and sign four established professionals of proven quality at the commensurate cost, but he can't. Progress will therefore be slower, but perhaps all the more rewarding when it happens.

Like Clough he has made decisions that not everyone agreed with, but he is paid to make them and does so ahead of the event, rather than, like most of us, being wise after it. Hard though it is after a heavy loss, better is the man who takes time to think things through, before coming out with knee-jerk comments and decisions.

Like all Rams I wish Nigel well and thank him for his efforts in trimming down a club with far too many overpaid players, to a lean outfit that sometimes fought above its weight.

Patience is a virtue and I'm glad the summer game still holds such things as worthwhile. As for football, it only confirms why I fell out of love with it some time ago.


Mark said...

Steve McClaren appointed. Lol. My condolonces to yourself and other rams fans Peakfan.

Peakfan said...

As I do with my cricket, I will give him the benefit for now, but this should never have happened. Very poor treatment of Cloughie...

Paul said...

Clough should never have been sacked but as an avid Rams fan nothing wrong with the appointment of Maclaren.

Apart from a poor short spell with them down the road who over the last few years found it necessary to change their boss every 3 months not 5 years like us his CV reads well.

Great assistant to Smith and Fergie followed by delivering Boro a trophy and a European final.

Championship in Holland breaking the Ajax PSV domination.

Hardly a CV to be sniffed at!

As for England they all fail .... Just ask Hoddle Keegan Sven Capello Taylor

No Steve is the man to take forward a promising team.

Up the Rams

Marc said...

This should have been done at the end of last season,not now. We are now appointing a manager who has no immediate opportunity to put his own mark on the squad until at least January. McLaren is a safe pair of hands but whether he can move the club forward remains to be seen. We owe Cloughie a great deal but perhaps after 5 years it was time for a change,it,s just the actual timing of it that stinks.