Monday, 2 July 2018

Saddening and disturbing news on Barnett and Slater

Been a long old day for me today and bed beckons in the next twenty minutes, so my detailed thoughts on today's double bombshell will need to wait for tomorrow.

For now, I will say this. Kim Barnett is a Derbyshire man and for him to have jumped ship on the eve of the T20 competition is very, very strange. I know the Derbyshire 'way' in recent years has been for somewhat classless departures mid-match or with not a word said, but this one surprises me. Especially when his good friends John Wright and Dominic Cork are left temporarily holding the fort.

I'll have more to say on that tomorrow night, as I will on the stories suggesting that Ben Slater is set for a move to Nottinghamshire.

Bad day all round.

Make it desperately disappointing.


cuthbert said...

Well the 'Premiership clubs' sweep up all the minnows best young players. The gap widens between the first and second divisions. All good wishes to Ben because lets face it if we were offered a much higher salary we would say yes. I hope the lad gets a regular game! I do worry about the haves and have nots in the game are being marginalised, it will only get worse. I feel we are becoming like Leicestershire a feeder club. I'm not sure what to think about the sudden Kim Barnett situation, we certainly didn't need this in the middle of the season. The ECB are making a fine job of wreaking the first class game and England's overall access to quality players fewer counties = less opportunities for young players to develop and blossom. Sorry not a jolly posting but I am finding it difficult to maintain interest in the game will little prospect of the minnows ever achieving success and the game is poorer for this. The ECB are killing the game. Martin W

Tim, Chesterfield said...

Easy to say but that's because it's true; same old Derbyshire.

Anonymous said...

My immediate assumption based on the post on the website announcing KB’s departure is that it is unplanned in some way and not fully harmonious. If all was happy was then I would have expected that KB would be given an opportunity to thank people and demonstrate his achievements

On the Ben Slater front I wish him all the best but it doesn’t immediately appear to be the right move for him at Notts: they are well stocked with openers (Libby, Nash, Mullaney, Wessels, Hales) in both red and white ball so his path to the first team does not appear obvious. For Notts it is a similar signing to Greg Smith from Leics a few years ago – a player who has been around for a while without having massively standout figures. From a Notts POV that signing didn’t seem right to me then and this one doesn’t now


Anonymous said...

Yes, two pieces of disappointing news Peakfan and both extremely bad timing in the week the T20 Blast starts. Just hope the Barnett situation will not have any impact on the dressing room. I got the impression that the Barnett appointment was not intended to be a long term thing but to leave in the middle of the season can only make you think that there is a problem behind closed doors which is such a shame when things seemed to moving in the right direction. On the Slater situation, it would be a major blow to the county if we lost him. If true, though, you can’t blame him if a glamour club like Notts show an interest and he makes the move. Walking out to bat at Trent Bridge every week would be enough to tempt any player and I would think as a product of the Derbyshire system it would not be a decision taken lightly to leave but sometimes that is the only option. The chance to score runs in Div.1 and push for England selection is what players want and they nearly always have to move to a bigger county to get that chance. I suppose the only comfort would be the financial reward Derbyshire would receive from the ECB if Slater does eventually appear for England as a Derbyshire academy product playing international cricket. Graeme Swann’s payments were important to Northants for many years as are Stuart Broad’s to Leicestershire now. This is the modern game. James

Mark Neve said...

Well well well. Barnett was on record as saying he would go at the end of this season I seem to recall. Something has gone on clearly. Possibly linked to the Slater news. It’s evident for me, I’ve said before, Godlemans head is fried and he needs a coach alongside him. I would even look at trying to lure someone away with an offer of the captaincy next season if we lose Slater and let Billy be an able vice who can get on with his own game and concentrate on scoring runs at the top of the order again. If slater leaves we need him back firing not averaging 10 coming in at 5 when damage is already done. Coach? Middlesex guy who just left? Adams? I would take Krikken back myself. Hopefully we will see some changes and what better way then to bed some of them in for the last 7 games of the season!

Barnett overall I would say he’s done pretty well. He signed a few good players. Reece being his best. Wilson done ok in patches especially as t20 captain. Viljoen brilliant on occasions. Ok at times. Poor occasionally. Smit and Rampaul have been poor but let’s reasses Rampaul after the t20. I suppose the biggest success for KB was getting John Wright involved with t20. So let’s see how we go this summer. I said a few weeks back ask John Wright to stay on and sort it out for the last 2-3 months of the season. Not sure if it would be possible due to work visas but we should ask the questions of all concerned as he could set us up for a better 2019 for Stubbings or Cork or someone to continue with his work. Too many players know they won’t get dropped and some of them need to know the consequences. It’s not a cushy job where they play whatever their form. Nobody does well when coasting. Let’s get Hosein in at 6/7. Let’s give Kettleborough a chance if slater is off may as well use the games left to trial him as a county opener. I think him being in the last championship squad said a lot. Move Hughes and Critchkey down order a little. Get Brodrick in. Put Wayne back at 4 if he prefers it there. Davis a shot over Rampaul. We can’t just keep on doing the same old thing and expecting different results. Godleman must open.

Hopefully t20 will be a welcome distraction and free a few of the lads up a bit. Looking forward to it.

notoveryet said...

I'll reserve comment on Barnett to see if anything emerges in terms of explanation but I said recently that I had a sense of axes being ground and this is what I had in mind. There might be a sensible explanation. It was clear that Barnett didn't plan to carry on beyond the end of his contract, and it may be that the decision to return to a more traditional form of cricket management meant that he (or the club) decided that it wouldn't be helpful to have him around during the transition to a model that he doesn't particularly approve of. This is possible and perfectly sensible on all sides, but if this is what happened, then why not say it?

The Slater news wasn't a surprise as it's clear that there was a stand-off between him and Derbyshire over a new contract. It doesn't look to me as if this is a matter of an ambitious player set on a move to a bigger county and more money. Apart from his long and close association with Derbyshire, if he was set on a move, I'm sure that his availability would have been signalled to potential suitors long before now.

There's nothing in yesterday's news to say that he'll move to Notts. There shouldn't be discussions with them until the 28 days expires but it gives us the chance to see if the gap with Slater's aspirations can be closed in the knowledge that he has other opportunities. Like Luke, I'm not convinced that this would be a great move for Slater anyway. With all respect for his record this season, I'm not sure he is quite in that league yet, and at 26, and beginning to attract England attention, any move needs to come with a certainty of first team cricket.

Although it may not be a done deal, we've been here before, with Chesney Hughes, where we failed to tie them to a longer contract earlier, and then wouldn't meet their own valuation of their services when they outstripped the performances of older, better paid, but under-performing players. Slater may not expect parity with Madsen and Godleman, but certainly would with Wilson, Smit and Rampaul. This is part of the reason I'm so opposed to the recruitment of older players with reputations but who might be starting to decline. If they don't perform, our own players who do are inevitably going to be frustrated if their contribution isn't being recognised.

It's a slightly different argument if it's a matter of not being able to pay him more. That wouldn't be surprising with all of the money that has been poured out on expensive imports, and the pay-offs involved in the "mutual consent" departures, but if it really is the case that the club can't afford to offer Slater more, then we should approach it in a different way. I don't know what the amount involved might be, but let's say it's £20,000. A second overseas player for the T20 will certainly cost well in excess of that, so let's do without one next year. Lockie Ferguson might be the exception, but we've never had much value from these players, whereas there is no such doubt about Slater's ability and potential, whatever frustration there might be about his 4 day batting.

For me, this isn't just about Slater. It's about our ability and commitment to hold on to our developing talent. Unless and until we start winning trophies we are never going to be able to hold on to players who are determined to move to a more visible and successful environment, but we can ensure that we don't lose them because of a relatively small amount of money in the greater scheme of things. If Slater is allowed to go without a fight, it will send a clear signal to Critchley, Davis, Hosein, Qadri, Gleadall and the rest to come that we will always value them less than the next 32 or 33 year old that comes along for a final big pay packet.

Marky Mark said...

Dear me, talk about a rudderless ship, our most in form and only batsman now on the way out, ycmiu. Hope everything is ok with KB, and wish him well in the future.

Opening Bat said...

Disappointing news re Kim Barnett with his contact list, let's hope it does not have further ramifications. I think the potential Ben Slater news is worse, the fact we cannot retain a player who to be fair has gained a permanent place in the 1st XI this season sends out the wrong message to others. If it is money, I am beginning to question the cost of overseas players for a couple of seasons against, retention of our up and coming talent.
I have been told by belper meadows officer that the 20/20 game tomorrow night (wed) has been cancelled, hopefully nothing to do with the latest developments at DCCC.

Peakfan said...

Good posts gentlemen and fully agree with notoveryet. We have to hold on to these young players, or at least make a good fist at doing so.

Anonymous said...

Very sad about KB. Excellent blog post PF above.

As for Slater, who knows. i think those saying hes moving for greater chance of recognition are somewhat delusional. Hes not on Englands radar...yet, and the myth has been exploded about players having to move to div 1 for england recognition, see duckett.

it smacks of the greg smith from leics situation. he wont play in all formats and is a silly move at a crucial development stage. if he was concerned potential england prospects he would stay here where he knows he will play if in form and negotiate a shorter term deal or one with a release clause of sorts.

high peak

Steve H said...

As an attendee to the Winter's Fans Forum at Queen's Park, that is the only time I've heard KB address members.

Yes, there were things I disagreed with, but coming through those differences of opinion were that of a thoroughly decent bloke. For that, and his past services to Derbyshire, I wish him well.

Snapper said...

I have to defend Kim Barnett, I have been to every forum and this is the first one he has missed, he has always Spoken honestly and answered questions put to him. He was brought in after the 2016 season when we failed to win a four day game and never looked like taking 20 wickets. Rightly or wrongly he tried to address this by investing in a quick bowler, sought after by other counties and top class spinners.
Viljeon,Tahiti and Mendis helped us achieve 3 wins in 2017. On the Slater issue I would be sorry to see him go ,however the club has been very patient with him and there were times over the last six years where his contract renewal is has been touch and go. I'm surprised others counties are desperate to sign and uncapped players who hasn't scored a first class century this season and has only managed 3 in 6 seasons, two of which were scored against a very weak Leicester side in an end of season game.