Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Polite request

Regulars will know that I am in Northumberland right now, with Mrs P, our daughter and Wallace.

That being the case, I cannot watch the Sky coverage tonight, but if anyone is able to record the highlights for me from Sky late tonight, I'd be very grateful.

More than happy to pay for a disk and postage, if anyone can get in touch to the usual address.

Mind you, if we have a nightmare, I might revise that...

I will, of course, look forward to all of your comments, on a day that has already broken the blog record for most visits in 24 hours.

That's before we play, and shows the level of interest in this match.

Go well, boys!


Anonymous said...

What's the point in having a third umpire what a joke

Ash said...

If anyone has done this for Steve can I be cheeky and ask for a copy? I'll pay all costs of course, thanks. Ash