Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Derbyshire v Durham T20

Durham 161-7 (Poynter 61 not, Henry 3-42)

Derbyshire 164-7  (Reece 66)

Derbyshire won by 3 wickets

My evening was spent on a delightful coastal walk in Berwick-on-Tweed, after a lovely meal at the local golf club. We finished, as Derbyshire rather stumbled across the line, as the only people (and dog!) on an otherwise deserted beach.

Every 'beep' of my phone saw it eagerly checked for a score update, the signal remarkably good for a remote area, though there were way too many irrelevant ones - in other words, on a night such as this, from the football updates at Pride Park.

Yet we got there, crossing the line with a fine cover drive from the skipper (thanks Twitter) after three wickets went down in ten balls. Once again Luis Reece played a key innings after Billy Godleman was given out to what looked like, from the pictures I was sent, a no ball. There were contributions down the line, none more valuable than that of Matt Henry, after the equation came down to fifty from five overs.

More than that I cannot really comment, so I do hope you all come on later tonight or tomorrow to share your thoughts on things.

Thank you to those who kept me updated as the evening went on, which was really appreciated.

The commentators still appear to know as much about Derbyshire as I do about Peruvian pottery dynasties. Rob Key apparently referring to Wayne Madsen's 'leg spin' and Nick Knight referring to our having 'found a good one in Luis Reece'. Yes we did, at Old Trafford...

Still, second in the league, two games to go and we have won more this season than in any previous T20 campaign.

The sea air, a Derbyshire win  - and one for the Rams, because I do care really - means I will sleep well tonight.

Great stuff lads - and well done to Daryn Smit on his captaincy debut.

It's within touching distance now...


David Woolley said...

Good win Peakfan against a team who had nothing to play for but pride.
We move on now to our friends at Leicestershire, who will be wounded by what we did to them at the 3aaa's. To be honest, they will be under as much (if not more) pressure than us, as they know that a defeat will pretty much take away any chance they have of qualifying.
Reference your comment on the Billy no ball, I have to say, his foot looked a good inch or so over the line. But as this was us, neither the umpire or the TV umpire saw it !!!! There were also a couple of occasions when the ball was bounced well over the batsmans head. This I believe should be called 'no ball' with a free hit, but again, none were given.
Like you, I will sleep well and look forward to Thursday.

Tim, Chesterfield said...

Just in to digest a pizza and the recorded programme. I want to see some of the strange decisions from the umpires again.....

Anonymous said...

Why, Oh why, Oh why did Smit give Henry the ball for the last over? Had he forgotten those two Notts sixes off the last two balls that lost us the game 11 days ago? What was the result of his decision tonight? Surprise, surprise - 16 runs!Henry's match figures (3-42) were very flattering, as all of his wickets came off poor deliveries that the batsmen miscued.

Once again, profligate bowling from our overseas "stars" made our batsmen's task greater than it needed to be.

At least Henry made amends partially with some lusty blows with the bat, but he went aerial once too often - just to test our nerves as we closed in on victory?

Polite request to Mr Barnett: PLEASE do not sign Mr Henry for next season! Surely there is a bowler somewhere in the world who can bowl 4 overs for fewer than 40 runs?!