Saturday, 5 August 2017

Derbyshire v Nottinghamshire championship preview

If you add in the close finish at Trent Bridge in the season's first four-day fixture between Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire (which we would have won, bar for the weather, lest you forget), there's been very close finishes in every match between the two sides this summer.

There shouldn't be, of course, because there is considerable fiscal difference between the two clubs. Yet this year, in particular, the constituent parts have added up better for Derbyshire, especially in the one-day competitions.

Tomorrow's game is, however, tinged with irony. Earlier in the season, we struggled because our strike bowler, Hardus Viljoen, was injured, leaving a sizeable burden on the shoulders of Jeevan Mendis. Now, as Viljoen makes his championship bow at the start of August, we find ourselves without a fit or available spinner in the club.

Imran Tahir has a minor injury, and is being rested ahead of the remaining T20 matches, while Matt Critchley is still recovering from the blow on the helmet against Leicestershire and Hamidullah Qadri is with England Under-19s.

So it seems we go with seam. There is a balancing act with Viljoen, of course, needing him to get some overs in his legs, yet not wanting any recurrence of the injury that has so blighted his season. The risk is that it is aggravated to the detriment of our T20 fortunes, but the fitness staff, the selection team and Viljoen himself must feel he is ready to go. Perhaps not for a huge workload, but enough to build the rhythm for the challenges ahead.

Matt Henry would probably have enjoyed a longer bowl too, but the possibility of  him replacing Tahir in the overseas role was scuppered by another minor injury. Daryn Smit is also rested, giving an opportunity to Harvey Hosein behind the stumps. Hopefully the lad acquits himself well after his wait for a place, as he lines up in this twelve:

Billy Godleman
Luis Reece
Ben Slater
Wayne Madsen
Alex Hughes
Gary Wilson
Harvey Hosein
Tom Taylor
Tom Milnes
Tony Palladino
Hardus Viljoen
Ben Cotton

Taylor and Milnes would appear to be battling for the final place and with that side we can only hope it's not going to be dry and dusty...

In another example of irony, Mark Footitt looks set to make his Nottinghamshire debut against his former employers, while Ish Sodhi is set for a first championship match. Their likely squad for the game, according to the Nottingham Post, is:

 Libby, Mullaney, Patel, Hales, Wessels, Root, Moores, Read, Hutton, Wood, Sodhi, Ball, Footitt, Gurney.

Logic suggests this a mis-match, but we know that Derbyshire can bat well on their good days. Whether the attack has the variety to bowl out a very strong side is  debatable, but local pride is again at stake and supporters will want to see the feel-good factor continue.

We'll find out soon enough.


Ash said...

What about Will Davis, how long is he out for?

Anonymous said...

Any idea why Harvey is not keeping wicket?

Rev Keith

Peakfan said...

Will must have another injury, I assume.
Harvey is keeping in this game Keith, and hopefully will do a good job. Smit is rested ahead of the remaining T20 matches.

Nic H said...

Not sure having this championship game in between our t20 campaign is a good idea. I had forgotten about our weaknesses and at 133-6 worry it could dent confidence a little with 3 massive games coming up. Would play a lot of 2nd against the windies unless there are those that feel the need for match practice.

Dave said...

If Daryn Smit is being rested from the current game , how is it that he bowled 14.3 overs and took 6-22 for Morecambe CC at Fleetwood yesterday in the Northern Premier League as a sub professional.

As usual statements released by the club have to be taken with a huge pinch of salt.

Peakfan said...

To give Hosein a game? To give his hands a breather? To try out his bowling arm in case needed. You pays your money and takes your choice.

He will be back in the T20s, for sure.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, he isn't!


Peakfan said...

Indeed he isnt! So one can only surmise he is deemed not as good as Wilson. Which given that he was brought in to mentor Harvey would presumably be the case...

Anonymous said...

Very muddled thinking by Derbyshire. Couple the fragility of our top order batting in the championship with a tail as long as a snake and you end up with today's position.
Notts will race ahead to a lead of at least 150 tomorrow and all our brittle batting will be exposed again.
Its a shame that clearly championship cricket is not being taken seriously already this season with half a dozen games remaining. At the end of the season it our championship position that will register (and quite rightly so as it is the true litmus test of clubs strength) not being losing quarter finalists in the T20.

I also don't accept that Imran Tahir has some 'minor injuries' he looked fit as a fiddle to me on Friday - may be didn't fancy the audience of three men a dog midweek in Derby. Watch this space on that one. The club and its lack of management of its overseas pros continue to disappoint me.


Peakfan said...

Given his importance to our T20 ambitions, I have no issue with Imran missing this one, nor his management. If he played and aggravated an injury there would be plenty to moan about...

Nic H said...

The championship is gone Bob. Dissapointing? Yes of course. The budget that has gone into T20 is, by our standards substancial and therefore it's our priority at the current time. There is also a lot more money in T20 now and something we could do with more of. Like you said 4 day cricket has ended up as a one man and his dog affair despite the quality required to succeed at it.