Friday, 14 July 2017

Good win for twos and Footitt rejoins Notts

There was a contrived, but undoubtedly satisfying win for the second team at Belper yesterday.

Tom Milnes took 5-37 to seal a last session win, completing a good all-round match, in which he had earlier shared a big stand with centurion, Harvey Hosein.

I don't expect either to push into this weekend's T20 reckoning on the back of the performances, though if there was a four-day game about to start, they may well come into consideration, depending on the form or fitness of others.

They both did all they can do, however and must continue to work at their games, as I am sure they will, awaiting opportunity.

Elsewhere, I had a couple of emails asking why 'we' weren't in the hunt for the services of Mark Footitt, after he was released from Surrey for what were described as 'personal reasons'.

My understanding is that we were, as a contact down in the south told me that Surrey were understanding of his situation and were willing to let him go immediately, as long as 'home' was exactly that. Such a move could realistically only involve ourselves and the other team in the East Midlands and I have every confidence that the professional people now in charge of cricket affairs at our club will have made an approach and an appropriate offer.

There was a time when our enquiries for a Surrey seamer might have seen us see if Robin Jackman or Geoff Arnold were still available, but not these days.

The reality is that Nottinghamshire will have been able to offer more money, as well as first division cricket next summer. Crucially, they also have the only man who has managed to keep Mark fit through long cricket seasons in James Pipe, all of them strong reasons to sign on the dotted line.

Taking a parochial view, Mark could have returned to be a big fish in a smaller pond at Derbyshire and, if everyone is available, one wonders how much first team cricket he will get at Trent Bridge, where he wasn't too well-treated last time around. However, in making his last big money move - his express pace will have gone by the time this contract expires - no one can argue that he has done what is right for him and undoubtedly his family.

I wish him well. he remains a lovely lad and as long as he keeps his best form for matches that don't involve Derbyshire, he'll be alright.

More from me over the weekend, with a T20 preview and, of course, a report on the game at Old Trafford, one that could have considerable bearing on our T20 fortunes.

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Anonymous said...

Assuming Footitt turned us down then at least we tried. Left armer would have been great for us. If we couldn't afford him that's a shame as we've had no benefit out of Viljeon yet in the longer forms of the game and money could have been spent better. I heard he was unsettled now in the summer shame we couldn't get him then as without the Fletcher injury perhaps Notts wouldn't have been interested. Anyway, irrelevant now on we go. Davis is back. Viljeon is back. So onwards and upwards.