Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Sussex v Derbyshire day 4

Derbyshire 150 and 307 (Thakor 81)

Sussex 447-8 and 11-0

Sussex won by ten wickets

Well, the tail wagged and a second innings of respectability was reached, but it was too little, too late for Derbyshire in this one. As was always likely after being bowled out in a session on the first day, of course.

That's our last four-day cricket for some time and thank goodness for that, as it has been a disappointment. Here's hoping we make a better fist of the fifty and twenty-over stuff, which occupies our minds for the next few weeks. It looks a stronger format for us at present, though 'stronger' may or may not be relative. Time will tell on that...

Tomorrow I will look at our T20 side and its make up, but the sole encouraging factor of the loss at Hove was that the players battled to the end. Such a mentality is good to see and is indicative of a team spirit that is still strong. If the 'name' players come to the party now, we'll have a chance of putting some results together.

Anyway, the loss was the one bad thing about today. The month ending tonight is the second busiest month in the blog's history, beaten only by July of last year in the amount of hits. Indeed usage continues to grow, which is a great thrill after several years and when it might have peaked. Thanks to all for your continued involvement and support.

I hope that extends to my book, 'In Their Own Words: Derbyshire Cricketers in Conversation', which is out tomorrow. You can order it through all good bookshops and it is on Amazon as both a hardback book and as an ebook for download. I've had nice and favourable comments ahead of publication but the acid test is what readers think and I hope you first of all buy it and then let me know in due course.

With representation from older legends of the club like Walter Goodyear, Edwin Smith and Harold Rhodes, as well as newer ones such as Wayne Madsen, Graeme Welch and James Pipe and plenty in between, I hope you learn something and get a few laughs and an insight into the professional game along the way.

If you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed chatting to some of my heroes, I can live with that!

Until tomorrow.


Tim, Chesterfield said...

Is the book in Waterstones in Chesterfield?

Peakfan said...

Should be in all local Waterstones Tim. Sheffield Derby Nottingham and Chesterfield at the very least. Thanks mate