Tuesday, 29 March 2016

T20 semi-finals have plenty to excite

So where's your money for the World T20 folks?

I still think that New Zealand, as I wrote earlier in the competition, are the best all-round side in it. They bat long, have terrific variety in the bowling and I don't recall them missing a catch in the competition. They are a special, tight unit and Kane Williamson deserves great credit for leading them with skill and considerable intelligence. A worthy successor to Brendon McCullum, indeed.

England will need to play out of their skins to beat them. I'm not overly impressed by our bowling and I can't think of one of our bowlers I would choose over their Kiwi counterparts, but we bat long and the reality is that we have made the semi-finals despite not playing especially well. If we do fire  - and the batsmen showed against South Africa that they can chase down big totals  - then a final place is possible.

My forecast, however, is for the Kiwis to triumph. I just think they have a better, more disciplined all-round game. England batted really well against South Africa, but I don't see them given the width and aberrations of length that allowed them to top 200 in that game.

In the other game, the West Indies best chance is to bowl first and hope the hosts overstretch themselves. They are a fine batting side, but over-reliant on Virat Kohli and none of the others have really fired, albeit on pitches of variable quality.

I don't think their bowling is quite as strong and we all know that Chris Gayle can make a mockery of any run chase. The West Indies have bowled with greater discipline in this competition, but I still don't look at their batting and worry too much. If a good ball or stroke of luck can get Gayle early, the rest, as Afghanistan showed, can fold under pressure.

India to win that one, unless a Gayle force blows again.

My favourite moments? I have really enjoyed watching Afghanistan. Their infectious enthusiasm and considerable talent ensured they always competed and they have some very good cricketers. Two or three talented spinners, a good skipper and a wicket-keeper batsman who looked a long way removed from an athlete but kept wicket well and played some wonderfully sparky Powerplay innings.

They should be proud of themselves.


creweblade said...

wow peakfan - england battered new zealand to be honest - perhaps didnt see the margin but i actually think england have got steadily better in bowling department and new zealand were due a failure and they self destructed 5 overs from end of their innings - in roy, hales, stokes, root and buttler we probably only need 2 out of 5 to come off big style and we will score big. hope to catch a glimpse of odd one or two in the T20 domestic but tbh they all very good players and above our standards (but still think we can compete in most games) - heres hoping for another england win on sunday and then a great start for dccc next month - creweblade

Peakfan said...

Nice to hear from you mate and hope you wintered well.
Doubtless see you down Derby soon...and look forward to it!
Special by England today for sure...very special