Monday, 14 March 2016

Another tour day, another tour win...

Most impressive, Derbyshire.

Graeme Welch could barely have scripted today better had he chosen to do so, as Derbyshire cantered to a win over Worcestershire by seven wickets.

Andy Carter and Tom Taylor removed the openers, Shiv Thakor and Alex Hughes winkled out the middle order and then Matt Critchley whipped out the last four as Worcestershire struggled to 183 all out.

Chesney Hughes then made an unbeaten 90, while skipper Durston added 42 and Madsen and Alex Hughes added cameos as Derbyshire won with eighteen overs to spare.

It was a very impressive effort to follow online and augurs well.

More from me tomorrow, after our game against local side Danube.

Hopefully tomorrow I will report on us waltzing to victory again...

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