Friday, 4 March 2016

Just when you think the good news has stopped..

As weeks go, this wasn't a bad one.

We signed Jimmy Neesham for the T20, Wayne Madsen signed on until the end of 2019 and Tommy Taylor for another year. Today, there was similar news about Shiv Thakor and then, as the icing on the cake, we hear that the club has registered a profit for the fifth successive year.

Shiv is a fine young player. He looked good in patches last year, but his bowling impressed more than his batting. He had said that the lure of working with Graeme Welch was a factor in his coming to Derbyshire and the short time they had together proved most beneficial, especially in the one-day games. Shiv became a reliable 'death' bowler and showed remarkable composure for one so young.

His batting largely disappointed, frustratingly so as it appeared a strong suit at Leicestershire. Yet it should not be forgotten that he missed a season there with a bad finger injury and the loss to eye, rhythm and timing was considerable.

He will be back and to have all-rounders of the quality and athleticism of Thakor, Alex Hughes and Jimmy Neesham in his side will whet the appetite of T20 skipper Wes Durston and supporters alike.

As for the annual accounts, it is a minor miracle that a small county like Derbyshire can return modest profits for five successive seasons. It is also tribute to the wonderful work that the off-field staff are doing.

I am far happier seeing the accounts in the black than what is being seen at many other counties. Were I a Yorkshire fan, I would share the concerns of Geoff Boycott over the level of deficit at Yorkshire, where it runs into the millions. Supporters there should enjoy the current era of success, because they will struggle to maintain facilities and salaries in the long term when seemingly losing money hand over fist.

For all that Derbyshire remains an easy target for those wanting to rationalise the first-class game, there is a sense of grudging respect around the game for what is being achieved at the club. The former rest home for the aging cricketer or those from largely foreign climes has been replaced by a club with a thriving academy that it at last producing genuine talent.

With Tommy Taylor and Matt Critchley away with England this winter, the talents of these lads are being noticed further afield. There is plenty of incentive for others to emulate them with good performance this summer.

In closing, there was an excellent piece in the Derby Telegraph today by Mark Eklid on Andy Carter. I stand by my assertion that he will take fifty championship wickets this year if he stays fit and expect him to become a key member of our attack.

On that note, enjoy your weekend - I'll see you soon!


Roy of the Falcons said...

Yorkshire have made a loss of several millions! It just seems strange that a club of their size should record such a loss. I can only judge by the Yorkshire supporters who flock to Chesterfield but there is a lot of support and merchandise sales. It would be interesting to see a table produced showing last years finishing positions in the county championship with a column for profit/loss.

Mark said...

Hi Peakfan,

A very good and considered signing in Neesham. Three top-quality performers in Rutherford, Broom and Neesham and all good characters who know each other well.

Some may question the extent of the NZ contingent but the club's commitment to development of the younger players is undoubted. Personally I think the balance is right for the coming season. Put some wins and confidence into the mix of the club's talent / development approach and the future looks bright. Really hope it's seen through and DCCC (Welch in particular) get the returns they deserve. The only fly in the ointment is that Footit isn't there!