Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Wayne White departure no real surprise

The news that broke this afternoon, regarding the departure of Wayne White, comes as no real surprise to Derbyshire cricket followers.

Wayne was signed on a one-year deal after good performances at the end of last season, when he was taken on loan from Lancashire. He did enough to suggest that he might be in direct competition for a place in the side with Jonathan Clare, who was likely to be fit from May, according to reports.

As it has transpired, neither has seen much first team action. A side strain hampered White's early season, although he returned to the side and produced some good displays in both the county championship and the T20. Indeed, his departure comes as he sits top of the bowling averages in the four-day game, with 17 wickets at under seventeen runs each from three appearances.

There have been suggestions of a fall-out and I can neither substantiate nor disprove that. The bottom line is, however, that White is the latest to find that cricket is increasingly becoming a young man's game and that regular appearances and contributions are needed to maintain a place on a county staff with limited resources. While he was second in the wicket-taking table in the T20, he was well down the list in economy rates.

Crucially, that was behind an array of young seam bowling talent such as Derbyshire has not had in years. Ben Cotton, Tom Taylor, Greg Cork and Will Davis all suggest massive potential which needs to be given opportunity, while his role in the team was effectively duplicated by Alex Hughes and Shiv Thakor. Both are considerably younger and have the potential to go farther in the game, something that White, at his age, was unlikely to do. With Mark Footitt and Tony Palladino key seam bowlers of the four-day side, White's role became increasingly marginalised.

In some ways, the release mirrors that of Tim Groenewald last year. The latter was seen as a key member of the attack but his release has enabled Graeme Welch to accelerate the development of young bowlers, something that has proved successful. With the club openly looking to restructure the playing staff for next year, the role of senior players on higher salaries nearing the end of their contract was always going to be looked at. Bringing in one, perhaps two Kolpak players will strengthen the side and the club also has to look after the developing players to ward off interest from elsewhere.

It is always sad when a player leaves and one remembers the good and the bad days they have had that have played a part in that decision. If Wayne, as is suggested in the Derby Telegraph, was wanting to approach other counties, then he has now got the freedom to do that.

For me, it is a sign of our ambition and potential that we can afford to let him go yet remain confident in the alternatives, for 'twas not always so. There are talented players on the staff and we may have options lined up elsewhere, for all I know.

I wish him well. At his age he needs regular first team cricket and may well interest Leicestershire, where he produced the best form of his career. Neither of his spells at the club that gave him his start really worked out and that is a shame, but life goes on.

For Derbyshire, it is the first part of the building towards next season and I look forward to your comments tonight.


Anonymous said...

Peakfan - released by mutual consent is normally code language for we have fallen out - but I guess he wouldn't have had a contract renewal anyway.
Our fast bowling is in good hands, openers ok - need a solid back up number 3 or 4 batsman for Mads and Wes, need an explosive lower/middle order finisher in 1 day cricket, desperately need front line spinner

Peakfan said...

Creweblade - I've not published all of your piece though agree with much of it. If you email me mate I am happy to tell you which, but I don't like to play with people's careers and so have held back on this.
Will be happy to acknowledge your foresight in due course, should there be a need to do so...

Paul said...

As Cilla would have said - Surprise Surprise ! NOT !
As you hint Peakfan something has happened but as usual and in line with recent other departures we will never know what.
What really frustrates is that all the reasons you give for him going were all known before he signed so the money we have paid for his contract could have gone on a middle order batsmen.
Something we actually need !
Btw who is prepared to bet that the Warwickshire lad never bowls a first team ball given the strength of our young seam attack you refer to Peakfan ?

Peakfan said...

Fair points Paul, but 14 wickets in three bowls so far suggest Tom Milnes has something. Welch knows him and rates him, plus he is out of contract this year and shouldn't cost the earth as an unproven 22 year old.

If Footitt gets an England chance and takes it, we still need to rotate seam bowlers and a couple of injuries can take you to the bare bones quickly.

Roy of the Falcons. said...

No surprises with Wayne White as you suggest Leicestershire may be his next port of call. If Mark gets a chance with England and takes it we will see what our young attack are capable of and this will give the coaching staff pointers. On the subject of New signings in the bowling attack we are going to attract young talent as our coaching team are well thought of in this area. This may allow us to pick up a bargain or two.

Marc said...

I don,t see a massive queue forming for his services,possibly a move to Leicestershire could be the outcome. I am not entirely taken in by the explanation on the DCCC website and suspect both parties may have arrived at a "we won,t rock the boat if you don,t" arrangement. It will release funds for the future and offer a chance for other players. We don,t have a great deal to lose this season by releasing White and Welch will no doubt be considering the future of other employees.I wish him the best for the future.