Friday, 21 August 2015

Derbyshire v Kent day 1

Derbyshire 253 (Godleman 108)

Kent 27-0

Situation squandered at Derby today, when a good start under cloudy skies, largely thanks to another century from Billy Godleman, was reduced to 253 all out, with Shiv Thakor concussed by a short ball.

With Kent losing Sam Billings to a dislocated finger, there were a few injuries but the visitors will have been the happier at the end of the first day.

Over at Chesterfield, there was better news as the seconds beat Surrey by five wickets to reach the final of the one-day trophy.

Half centuries by Tom Knight and Tom Poynton saw our lads to fine win that sees them play the final next Thursday.

More from me tomorrow, but plenty of things to do ahead of a journey south tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Getting fed up with our shoddy batting line up, one must ask what the hell is happening in terms of coaching or is it a question of you can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear ?
A few to be released this winter and resources poured into finding at least 3 batsman ?
Great result for 2nd XI, see Tom Knight scored a few again to go with knock v Notts, considering some of abject performances to date, why not give him a few innings at end of season ?

RJ - miffed of West Sussex !

Martin Edwards said...

You were absolutely right to describe this as a season-defining week, Peakfan. Unfortunately, the definition supplied by results, tables, and averages is pretty grim. We have to remain hopeful for the future, but improvement will only come if there is a frank and realistic assessment of everything that has gone wrong, and why. The people in charge need to be clear about why, given the talent that does exist Tin this squad, performances have so often been poor, and clear about how to put that right. Whilst we can console ourselves with the thought of the promise of the younger players, plenty of other teams have promising youngsters too. What we need is consistent delivery in pressure situations. It's do-able with the right mindset and right leadership, surely, but not without significant changes.

Peakfan said...

Mark - not posting that - as I have said before, we are not playing with people's futures on here. See my latest piece for clarification

notoveryet said...

Outstanding innings from Godleman to give us a great start, but I thought his dismissal was a bit limp as too were those of Slater and Madsen. The highlights might show sharp movement but to me it looked like shots being played loosely on the walk by all three. Of the rest, I'd only excuse Hosein, who was hoodwinked by Tredwell and hopefully will have learned from it. I was surprised to see Alex Hughes at 5 and think it was a wasted opportunity to give Thakor added responsibility. Coming so soon after the dismissal of Madsen and the retirement of Thakor, his shot was awful, and opened the hutch. I never imagined saying this, but Footitt's calm and assured batting was a lesson to the others - I think he might have number 8 in his sights.

Mentioning Footitt, I was disappointed by Graeme Welch's comments today about the contract issue, as I don't think they will help with building bridges, particularly when he was asked if he understood Footitt's thinking and answered "no, actually I don't" suggesting that he wasn't just ungrateful but unwise. It's odd that someone who himself moved counties because of limited opportunities can't understand one of his players wanting to look at options to expand his opportunities, so I was pleased to see the chairman tweeting tonight that he does understand it.

Mark said...

Come on Peakfan, I'm only saying as I see it. Several players will be on their way after this season and I was only stating which ones I feel should go.

Peakfan said...

As I said Mark..I am not allowing anything down that path. If you have called correctly I will acknowledge that but you have ignored contracts for one thing.
Feel free to pm me or chat at the ground over the next couple of days if you wish.