Friday, 25 October 2013

Something for the weekend

Its very quiet around the county circuit at present and quite sad when the biggest story is an off-field matter, with a club cricketer in Derbyshire being banned for four years (two of them suspended) for posting a pornographic picture on Twitter with reference to the league champions, Swarkestone.

At best it was a childish thing to do, at worst it was nasty. Does the punishment fit the crime? Yes, probably. If you've read this blog for any length of time, you will know that I have a zero tolerance to those who feel they can spout poisonous nonsense from anonymity. The only thing you can say in favour of the person who did it was that he at least put his name to it, not that it justifies it in any way. If the photograph was of the kind that I understand appeared, there's frankly no excuse.

If nothing else it sends a warning across the bows of those who post on social media sites. As the Cricket Derbyshire top tips suggest, there is a social and moral responsibility, whether you like it or not, when you put your innermost thoughts 'out there'. A ribald comment made to a pal down the pub is transformed when it appears in print and it is something that people who blog or comment on line simply have to keep in mind, or pay the penalty.

There's been a few mails regarding the departure of Dave Houghton and it is a shame that one of the world's best batting coaches (as widely regarded) will not be with us next season. Yet tough decisions must be made and most fans would prefer to see an extra member of the playing, rather than coaching staff in such circumstances.

In a comment yesterday, Marc suggested that Steve Stubbings may take over as batting coach, which would be a meteoric rise for sure. Yet he did a fine job with the Seconds last summer and stranger things have happened. Few more popular or affable men have played for the county and he is certainly au fait with the local cricket scene.

Finally tonight, thank you for your mails regarding the A-Z of Derbyshire cricket. I will add another couple this weekend and then we've caught up again. I have re-written a few passages that I thought would benefit from it - especially of more recent players - and if nothing else I hope that it has raised awareness of the number of wonderful players who have appeared in the county colours over the years.

Enjoy your weekend and I hope you like the piece on one of the greatest..

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