Thursday, 12 July 2012

Surely not?

Good to see most of Derbyshire's batsmen making the most of yesterday's opportunity in making runs from perhaps the not overly demanding Leicestershire Second XI. Since their first team attack is hardly formidable, one suspects it may have been less demanding than what they will face when the action proper resumes next week.

Still, runs is runs, as someone (quite possibly G. Boycott) once said. They're better in the scorebook than in your head...

On to county matters and was anyone else, like me, appalled to see Gloucestershire awarding a cap to Australian opener Ed Cowan on his debut yesterday? Over many years a county cap has been something to be earned and coveted, an aspirational goal if you will. Many very good (and subsequently great) players have taken some time to earn the thing that says, for all to see, that you have made it.

A cap should not be given to someone simply because they have flown from the other side of the world to play for you. I could perhaps understand it if Gloucestershire had signed someone like Ricky Ponting or Jacques Kallis, players who have made a reputation in the game and whose award is made in the light of this and in recognition of their stature within it.

With respect to Ed Cowan, despite his century today he has got nowhere near the requisite credentials to be given his cap with immediate effect. He is a decent player who will always battle hard (I have seen him and played against him up here in Scotland) but such an award is a smack in the mouth for others at the club who also do that yet have not yet been recognised for it.

It is mad and if Derbyshire did something similar I would have no hesitation in decrying it as such. It debases the system and is a pretty shoddy thought process from the people concerned.

Tomorrow Derbyshire take on Northamptonshire in the CB40 in a game of little importance to either side. For me there is a strong argument to reintroduce some form of knock out competition to cricket, as the leagues as they stand offer far too many dull and pointless games. Of course. I would love to see Derbyshire rack up 350-2 tomorrow and win handsomely, just as I want them to beat the Unicorns (my daughter's favourite cricket team - she loves the name) on Sunday.

Yet in the great scheme of things it doesn't matter all that much.

Now Yorkshire, next week - there is a match...


Marc said...

It was interesting to read "anon,s" comments in midweek thoughts. To pick up on one or two points,I don,t think there are too many people who don,t,in principal at least,agree with the main objectives set out by the Chairman.

However,to expect all people to buy into all aspects is simply not going to happen. Anon is obviously one who does and that,s fair enough,but others still have some reservations. Me included.

For next season,if the objectives are carried out to the letter,Derbyshire will field nine home grown players in every match. Now i,ve looked at this from every angle and with the best will in the world it is not feasible. At least not at the moment. We simply do not have enough players of the required standard to go down such a path.

At the moment we haven,t over achieved in the Championship,for the simple reason we haven,t as yet achieved anything. Assuming we do gain promotion,that in itself will add further pressure to the "home grown" system we have adopted. A system which was heavily influenced by the financial incentives offered by the ECB. Not quite on the scale of large football clubs,but nonetheless,there are certain similarities.

The very nature of the future plan assumes we have a production line turning out a never ending supply of quality young players. Fantastic in theory,but in reality.... The academy is hardly a new concept and up to now has produced a very small number of players who have made the grade. Not nearly enough for our requirements and there doesn,t seem to be too many knocking on the door at the moment.

Anon may have a point about some people,s negativity. That wont change either. I have spent a great deal of time,effort and money watching Derbyshire over many years,both home and away. Seeing us win has,more often than not,been in hope rather than expectation. We all want a successful team and club,that goes without saying. How that is achieved is open to debate and people will all have differing opinions and thoughts on how this can be accomplished. All our eggs are in one fragile basket at the moment. It would not be a good idea to drop it!.

Anonymous said...

Hi peakfan.

what do you think of this idea ?

A player who i have rated and is available after surrey released him in 2010 and i think would be a great signing for derbyshire is usman afzaal, hes experienced and has a first class average of near 40.


Anonymous said...

Your posts are definately 'a glass half empty'.
The home grown concept means english cricketers rather than the former kolpack type.
The Academy input only needs to be one player annually making strides into first team cricket.In recent years, Poynton, Whiteley and notably Redfern have become regular first teamers. Several others, Knight, Hughes and Burgoyne are getting some 1st X1 exposure and experience and performing well in the 2nd X1.Most of these lads are still early twenties or less.
Even your view of the Championship is focussed on the downside. We are clear at the top and have beaten some big names.I think we can maintain it.If we do go up,it will be tough but it will further develop and test those players at the next level. Worcestershire may yo yo similarly with their young team but not everyone can be at the top of the table consistently. e.g Durham currently struggling.
Let's say I am a half full supporter and have the patience to think the current proposed model is one to get behind and see if it yields more than recent times.
If not,what is your approach and how do you propose to fund it?

Marc said...

With respect anon,we still have the big names to play in the Championship. It,s a difficult run in and if we are still at the top by the end then brilliant,we deserve to be. I sincerly hope we are,but counting your chickens is something no Derbyshire fan ever does. Now is not the time to start. I hate to mention it,but we no longer have a certain Mr Guptill to fall back on.

Of the names you mention regarding the academy,only Redfern can tick the "made the grade" column and only then in four day cricket. Some of the others may do similar,but at present the jury is still very much out. I am not against the idea of home grown players. On the contrary,I support it,but i don,t believe we have enough good players to put this into action by next season. It,s too soon and some sort of plan B still has to exist.

Marc said...

Sorry to digress a little,Peakfan. I fully agree with you about coubty caps.