Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Midweek thoughts

It was reassuring to read in today's Derby Telegraph that Karl Krikken was big enough to admit to Derbyshire's T20 failings. It was pleasing to read also that his thoughts on the campaign were exactly the same as mine, espoused a few days earlier.

Lack of experience, poor batting and insufficient input from the overseas players were the major issues, though they were probably identified by most people. The first two are related, of course and will continue to be issues until players mature or additional experience can be injected into the side from the overseas role or another form.

As you may have read on the club site, the First XI effectively became the Seconds today as they started a game against Leicestershire. It was absolutely the right thing for Karl Krikken to do and will hopefully bring dividends when we resume Championship activity next week. The four-day Derbyshire this summer has been a different beast to the limited overs side and the return of Tony Palladino to the seam attack will give us a fresh and invigorated edge as we approach the critical stage of the season.

There have been a  couple of areas of critical comment in recent weeks while I was away. One was the omission of Palladino from the T20 side, but I am 100% behind Krikk in keeping him fresh for the run-in, when he may have a lot of bowling. It is very easy for seam bowlers to pick up niggles in T20, when they are adjusting their actions to bowl different paces and lengths, as well as diving around the outfield. Rana Naved was signed as a strike bowler anyway and most fans would rank Clare and Groenewald as better batsmen (without decrying the talents of the ever-improving Palladino). No quibbles there from me.

There were also comments around the captaincy and some decisions made by Wayne Madsen, but again, while accepting that mistakes were made, I'd put much down to relative inexperience and the pressure of the competition. Having captained a side for nine seasons in 20-over cricket, it requires a lot more thought and work ball-by-ball than longer games. There was one occasion when we had, I think, too many fielders outside the ring and a no ball ensued, but that, for me, should have been something the vice-captain was keeping an eye on as well. We have a massive learning curve in that cricket and Madsen, a player and man for who I have the utmost respect, will be a stronger and better captain for his experience this summer.

I have had a couple of e mails with suggestions for overseas players for next summer, but with respect to the senders, the players concerned, while undoubtedly being good for the side, will be 99% certain to be playing in the ICC Trophy next June when the T20 takes place.

Put it this way. If AB de Villiers isn't in the South African side he'll be injured, so either way he isn't going to be playing for Derbyshire or anyone else.



Anonymous said...

Interesting points made peakfan. It has been a hugely disappointing campaign, in which spectators have not been entertained sufficiently enough to make the amount of money, T20 supposedly brings. Howver,if the resting of Wainwright and Palladino means they are ompletely refreshed for the championship then it was absolutely the right thing to do.

the overseas platers have not fired as we would have liked, however, I do believe we are in a great position having Kawaja (a four day player of soome pedigree) even it has been at the expense of an explosive T20 batsman, and one that can help us push for promotion and consolidate our position at the top of the table.

One point is still bewildering me from the T20 campaign, why oh wy has Durstan not been bowling more overs?? Do the managemnet not rate him as a limited overs all rounder?? They did last year... what has changed? Also, who is the vice captain? Since Greg Smith left, I don't believe we have one?

Anyway as the festival starts, I hope the change of venue can help change the run of recent results!

Marc said...

Agree with much Peakfan,though i still can,t figure out why Palladino should be singled out to miss the whole of the T20. I would have thought it better to rotate all the bowlers. After all there are usually several days between matches and we are only talking four overs when all,s said and done.

Like you say, Krikken has echoed the feelings of most people. Without wishing going over well trodden ground i think it fair to conclude a significant improvement is required for next season,s one day campaign,by whatever means deemed necessary. Im not expecting us to suddenly walk away with two trophies,but the manner in which we have been hammered in many games cannot be allowed to continue.

With regard to Madsen,experience should teach some valuable lessons. As long as they are learned that,s all you can reasonably ask. I still remain dubious as to his credentials for one day cricket,especially in T20. However,he is certainly not on his own in that respect.

Anonymous said...

It's easy to lose sight of the model which Derbyshire recently embarked upon. Stated objectives of home grown players developed primarily from the Academy to form the core of the team. As a supporter, I buy into it totally.
I detest the way football has been ruined by the loss of identity for nearly all top flight football. An uneven playing field dominated by external riches with the resultant damage to the national team.
I applaud the brave and bold steps taken by the Derbyshire Board to break the mould and develop cricketers from within or talent spotted individuals such as Wes.I think creating a team over a number of years which develops england qualified players capable of reaching higher levels will give untold satisfaction and local pride.
Even its infancy,the results in the longer cricket format are remarkable.
Competing with the riches of Notts,Warks etc. in the shorter format has proved too tough for the moment, but experience is being gained for the next assault.

Fan disollusionment is of course understandable and expected, given the over acheivement in the 4 day game.
Such disappointment, is easily expressed on the internet, because 'supporters' can always do better,run it better,pick a different team,nearly always in hindsight.I get the impression that many enjoy the failures rather than the successes.
I doubt the Derbyshire players or Management ever read this or the FF, because to do so, would be so demoralising. If by chance,they did, I for one am fully behind the players and the coaching staff to be strong and do your best. The rewards will come.