Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Just like that...

 In the light of expected issues with regard to overseas stars in 2012 and having written about Michael Di Venuto below, it got me thinking if there might be similar options out there who counties might consider.

Tom Cooper

One such player could be Netherlands and South Australia batsman Tom Cooper. At 25, the batsman is improving all the time and last year scored a maiden double century for his state. Healthy and increaing averages in all forms of the game might make him a worthwhile gamble, a player with a point to prove. At this stage he is some way from the Australian squad and I just wonder what his response might be if asked to play the county game on his mother's Dutch passport. Andrew Symonds did similarly at Gloucestershire a few years back and it turned out well for him..

A good fielder and useful off-spinner, there are decent possibilities for counties in a shrinking market if they could prevail on a talented young cricketer to "do a Di Venuto", always assuming that they could withstand the financial "hit" in playing a non-qualified player.

Just a thought...

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Alan said...

Just looked at his stats on cricinfo - good call Peakfan!