Monday, 2 April 2012

Patronising garbage

I like David Lloyd. Dear old Bumble, the persona that he has created in a successful post-playing career. He is an engaging commentator, funny and sometimes worth a listen.

But not today.

If you didn't see it, here is his "insightful" preview to Derbyshire's prospects this coming season, published today in the Daily Mail:

"My favourite team, apart from Lancashire, that is. I love the Peak District and I opened a new building at the County Ground with Princess Anne. I think it was a large sauna. Poor old Derbyshire, though - they're perennial strugglers. I did once own a cottage there, mind."

That's it. He likes us, which is nice, but not a single worthwhile word in five short sentences. Is he oblivious to what has been happening at the County Ground? Utter garbage, which he can surely not have been paid for. If I couldn't do better than that I wouldn't bother, to be honest.

Rant over, on with the show.

On the pitch, Derbyshire did well against Warwickshire today and Mark Footitt especially so. Three quick wickets ripped the heart from their innings and reports suggest that he is bowling both quickly and with rhythm pre-season. Whether he makes the side for the opening game is debatable, but on his form in Barbados and here I think Footitt would be very unlucky to miss out. All teams benefit from a "stick it up them" bowler and in Footitt and Turner Derbyshire have two lively customers, of particular benefit when you get down to the tail.

In closing, tomorrow I head south for five days in God's own shire. I hope to spend two of them at the County Ground, weather permitting and look forward to meeting up with a few of you along the way.

The season is nigh. Go get 'em boys!


Marc said...

With a covering of snow and a hard frost on it,the outfield will be pretty slow,Peakfan.

Anonymous said...

weel bumble also states chelmsford as a 'festival' ground. which is not exactly accurate...