Thursday, 5 April 2012

A little verse for you

After careful deliberation and numerous re-writes this morning (OK, it came into my head while I was cleaning my teeth...) a little poem to mark the start of the season...

The day has dawned, the sun has risen
I'll soon find out if there's cricket - or isn't
Yesterday's snow has sunk in the sod
Play before lunch? I hope so God,
Let's win the toss - its just a hunch
We'll have them seven down by lunch,
Is that the sound of a heavenly choir?
I'm off to Derby, to see the 'shire.

Apologies to proper poets but the season start does that to you and to quote that old song, I'm feeling good.

Good luck to Derbyshire this season and I look forward to seeing and following their fortunes.

As that well known cricket writer Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits once (almost) said, something tells me we're into something good.

And it starts today. Boy, oh boy!


Anonymous said...

Kevin Howells was a guest on TMS during the second test's lunch break earlier, and he and a chap from CricInfo (not sure who) spoke excitingly of Chesney Hughes and Dan Redfern for the forthcoming season, with the CricInfo chap stating that he feels Redfern 'should really score more runs than he should'.

Always nice to hear 10 seconds on the 'Shire on't radio!

Anonymous said...

... & the CricInfo has been proved wrong! Well done DR!