Friday, 20 April 2012

Derbyshire v Leicestershire day 2

I've thought for a while that the cricket reports on Ceefax were written by people who know as much about cricket as I do about teaching ballroom dancing to aardvarks. Tonight's report on Derbyshire's second day against Leicestershire was the definitive piece of evidence.

"Derbyshire face an uphill struggle to save the game" went the report. Eh? After one innings? Maybe the writer has prophetic powers, but I don't see that at all.

After two days of a four day game we've not even finished one innings. At 318-7 you'd say that Leicestershire, with runs on the board are slightly ahead, yet Derbyshire fought back well towards the end of the day and if this was the first day you'd probably reckon it was pretty even.

Of course, Robbie Joseph may be the new Glenn McGrath and we could be bowled out twice in the next two days, but I don't see it, personally. As I suggested last night, the ongoing weather issues leave Derbyshire with a decision on the last day - do they bat out a draw, albeit against the wiles of Claude Henderson, or do they chase a target that will be dictated by the amount of time lost tomorrow?

The weather may yet have the final word in this game, which is frustrating after the start we have had, but you have to expect that in an English season. I still maintain that Derbyshire control their own destiny at this point. While the weather may wipe out too much of this game to make a result possible, Derbyshire can either bat out a draw on the last afternoon or go for a third straight win. The scores today for Sarwan and Cobb suggest few real terrors in the track and I have every confidence that Derbyshire's batting can first mount a good reply against what you'd have to say was only a moderate attack.

Perhaps, given a reasonable break from the elements, that last afternoon could be quite interesting. If we were bowled out twice by this attack I'd have to reconsider my opinion of this Derbyshire side.

I don't see it happening.


Washy said...

My first comment for a while. I must say i've been very impressed, and not surprised, by our super start to the season. There's clearly some fantastic young talents at the county, and we're in the healthiest state we've been in for a good number of years.

Today was a difficult day, and the first one of the season i'd say we've lost. Leicestershire are in the driving seat, and it'll be difficult for us to win again, however i think we should secure a draw. The weather is likely to continue to play its part, but unless the wicket deteriorates or we bat terribly, i can't see us being bowled out twice in two days.

Marc said...

"An uphill struggle" is stretching it a bit far at this stage,though i do think Leicestershire are ahead on points. They batted well,assisted by too many balls they didn,t have to play at.

Like you say Peakfan,the track held few terrors,which makes the decision to field first all the more perplexing. I suspect in hindsight......