Monday, 2 May 2011

Yorkshire v Derbyshire half way

I'd have snatched your hand off if you'd offered me 245-8 before the game.

Wonderful batting, once again, from Wes Durston and Wayne Madsen, with good sensible support from Greg Smith. The commentators revised their 'good score' from 190 to 220 and we ended up with that.

Great, professional effort. The working around of the ball was an object lesson in one day batting and if we can bowl and field better than Yorkshire the win is there for taking.

Of course, that's what we now need to do, so lift it boys. Good work so far!


Anonymous said...

Brilliant win and a brilliant 3 days for the club. A massive well done to John and the boys.

Anonymous said...

Great to Jake Needham playing and to be honest he bowled better today than Rafiq did yesterday.

Anonymous said...

A message to Chris Grant; get Madsen, Hughes, Durston, Clare and Smith on some longer cotracts quick!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget a longer contract for John Morris. Just ask him how long he wants and give it him!

Marc H said...

Grteat win. There is nothing better that stuffing it up Yorkshire. We,ve got to keep this going now.Winning could become a habit!. Durston batted really well,im beginning to warm to him. One good thing is they seem to have cut down on some of those silly improvised shots and its paying off. The reverse sweep has never really been a percentage shot. At best you,re going to get a single and more likely throw your wicket away.Playing conventionally is always best in the long run. Well done anyway.Now KEEP IT GOING.