Saturday, 21 May 2011

Something for the weekend

So that's the poll done and dusted.

81% of you felt that Chris Grant made the right decision based on our current knowledge of the John Morris situation. That's an overwhelming vote of support for the chairman and is obviously based on the facts as we know them at present.

If you have followed this blog from its beginnings, you will know that I was and am an admirer of John Morris and what he did for the club. I will maintain to anyone that the squad he has left behind is considerably stronger, bar for one or two individuals who are missed, than the one he inherited. Anyone in any walk of life can only aspire to do their job to that standard.

No, we don't know all the facts. We may never do, if Morris and Andrew Brown accept that whatever happened was justified, or we will do should any legal case ensue. Only time is going to answer that one, but the club and we as fans now need to put it behind them and move on. There's a lot of important cricket to play in the coming weeks and the players and club need to be 100% focused on it.

I will be running no further polls on the situation unless there is a genuine reason to do so and I can't envisage what that might be. Nor will I be writing about it, as there's nothing more to comment on at this stage.

So please don't keep covering old ground in your comments. You may not like what has happened and that's your prerogative, but nothing will bring John Morris and Andrew Brown back. Time to focus on the cricket.

Which is this week's poll. How do you expect the T20 campaign to go this year?

In closing, I'm delighted to see Peter Gadsby involved at the County Ground and offering the players incentives for a successful campaign. The more financial muscle and business acumen we get involved at the club the better and Mr Gadsby has been a major backer of Derby County over the years.

The current regime at the football club leaves him little room for manoeuvre, but I'm delighted to see him involved at the cricket club and it can only be of long-term benefit to all concerned.

For now - have a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

The club isn't doing itself any favours whilst they let Luke Sutton say what he wants whilst John Morris is apparently gagged.

Anonymous said...

I agree, regarding Mr Gadsby, i bet ,he will not pay one penny to the players, we have to win 3 trophys!!!!! give me a break please,

Anonymous said...

Whether we learn the truth or not the club must learn their lessons on this saga. A few years ago an old boy on the ground told me that you had to be a mushroom to follow Derbyshire as they too were always kept in the dark and fed rubbish!

Marc said...

The 20/20 is not going to be easy but i hope we can at least give a decent account of ourselves and at least win some of the games ahead. From a bowling perspective i think we can possibly hold our own,but i worry we don,t have batsmen capable of hitting enough big shots,particularly when it comes to planting one foot down the track and hitting the ball between extra cover and mid wicket. For that reason i suspect we may get carried away with all those stupid improvised shots that bring a single at best and more often than not a batsmans downfall.

notoveryet said...

There seems to be a bit of a "I hate Sutton" thread in a number of places.

I don't know (and nor does anyone else here, I guess) how active a role Sutton played in last week's events but no-one who remembers the circumstances in which he led and helped to improve Derbyshire from 2003 to 2005, or why he left after his personal tragedy, can possibly doubt the strength of his commitment.

His wicket-keeping's OK, his leadership is impressive, his batting is a big disappointment so far, he still has to show if his methods have the impact tha Morris' didn't, but questioning his commitment is infantile.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to think that Luke didn't have an involvement in the sacking of John Morris but until we hear both sides of the story the jury is still out I am affraid.

Anonymous said...

I think that a massive praise must go out to John Morris and Andy Brown over their dignified silence recently at what must be a very difficult time for both men and their families.

Peakfan said...

Don't know about dignified mate, it is legal-driven. Its like the age-old "anything you say can and may be used in evidence against you"
They'd be silly to do that and they are far from that.

Anonymous said...

On communication I have to say that Luke Sutton's recent comments on John Morris were not necessary, out of order and downright disrespectful. The comments reflected poorly on both Luke and the club at a sensitive time.