Sunday, 1 May 2011

Derbyshire v Sussex

As I've written before, you can never be sure which Derbyshire side will turn up, but when the team is on song they are a match for most sides out there.

Logically there was no way that 'lowly' Derbyshire should match Sussex with their international players. But we did, with a brilliant display in the field, some niggardly bowling and and one of the better run chases I've followed by a Derbyshire side.

How? Look at the innings record on Cricinfo. Strike being rotated, ones on a regular basis and enough hitting of the bad ball to keep ahead of the run rate after a brisk start which always makes such a difference.

Starting with the bowling and full marks for our spinners. 3-19  in eight overs from Chesney was a startling return, while Wes Durston and Azeem Rafiq bowled clever spells that helped to put the brakes on the visitors after a brisk start. There were perhaps too many wides for the perfectionist, but that was still a fine display, capped with two stumpings for Luke Sutton, a rarity in this day and age. Yes, we could also be accused of letting them off the hook from 131-8 to reach 193, but at the interval it seemed likely that it was within our compass.

Of course, it did last week too and we made a mess of it, but Hughes and Khawaja led off with 50 inside the first nine overs and although Usman again went when set, and Hughes and Smith were back in the pavilion before we reached three figures, there seemed little problem once Wes Durston and Wayne Madsen got together.

It was good, sensible, professional cricket. No need for big shots and finishing in a hurry and the two men who did well last week stepped up once more and were not found wanting a second time. Although Durston (who likes Sussex bowling and came to our attention after his hundred against them for the Unicorns last year) fell to another run out a la Chesney, there was plenty in hand when the admirable Madsen hit the winning runs in the 38th over.

Which I guess proves something. You can criticise our consistency and bemoan our lack of experience, but you can't say that the team lacks talent. Poor teams don't beat the likes of Sussex with relative ease.

We did. Bring on the Yorkies.


mastervillain said...

A thoroughly good win today with plenty of good individual performances.

When the guys believe in themselves and work as a unit, they have shown that they can do it. However, I think the emphasis on working as a unit, rather than relying on special individual contributions, is going to have to be the theme this season.

Peakfan said...

You're right MV. Individually we may suffer in comparison to other sides but collectively we can match many. There will be few better fielding sides and if everyone does their bit it makes all the difference.

Anonymous said...

I presume that Azeem Rafiq will be ineligible for the game tomorrow can that be confirmed?

Marc H said...

enjoyed todays game.At last we showed some of the qualities needed to succeed. I hope this isn,t another false dawn and we can put a few decent results together.Going to Leeds tomorrow so hope for a similar result.Thought it was a good team effort today,credit where its due.

Anonymous said...

Good performance today. Much as I'd like to be praising Rafiq his bowling figures today were much better than his bowling.