Tuesday, 29 March 2011

World's worst comedians...

Years ago, when I was a kid, my Dad told me that cricket was the best game in the world, ruined by a lot of the people who run it.

Over the years he's mentioned that a time or two and especially in the past week as the internal wranglings at Derbyshire have rumbled on. Today comes news that Don Amott is happy to stand again for the committee (a position I suggested he left with too great a haste) but that there was opposition to him standing for chairman 'from within the club.'

Oh really? That Don should walk back on to the committee IF people turn up to vote for him should be straightforward and is pleasing. That there was opposition to him standing once more for chairman speaks volumes (unfavourably) for those concerned who are presumably set to do a little empire building. Looks like there's a few want that gravy train to keep on rolling...

The other night I had an e mail asking why I was 'leading' a rebellion against the committee. From 300 miles away? Do they think I'm William Wallace?

I'm not. I'm stating my opinion and if people agree with it, that's fine. If they don't, that's equally fine as its a free country. The current poll suggests that most people are with me on this one, however.

With Don out of the way, the coast will be clear for one of the three stooges to take over, which in my opinion would be a joke. Alternatively, they could nominate Chris Grant for the role which would be slightly preferable, if only for the fact that he carries little baggage at this stage.

I will say only this. If he listens closely to the three people who resulted in Don Amott's departure, we'll be going nowhere fast.

And if I was going to that meeting tomorrow night I would still be proposing a vote of no confidence.

That's just my opinion of course...

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Anonymous said...

Chris Grant can't be chairman yet as he would have to be on the Committee for at least a year first.