Monday, 21 March 2011

Don Amott - an appreciation

I think there is a natural assumption for people, aware of the track record Derbyshire cricket has for discord, strife and Macchiavellian intrigue behind the scenes, to put two and two together and come up with five, six or even seven in the light of Don Amott's resignation as Chairman of the club.

Some are sure to see this as being the result of another power struggle beind the scenes. It could be, of course, and I know no more than anyone else about the machinations at committee level. My best guess is that Don has decided it is time to step aside for personal reasons - neither he nor his wife have enjoyed the best of health in recent months - or that he has stepped aside to allow Chris Grant free rein as heir apparent to the role.

Mr Grant has come into the club and paid for Tom Poynton to go to Australia this winter and contributed half of the cost for the current Barbados trip. I'll be honest, if I had the money and was asked to put money into a club I would want to do so from a position of strength within that organisation where I was best placed to influence affairs on and off pitch. Maybe that is a condition of Mr Grant's continued involvement - maybe Don Amott has stepped aside to allow him a free run at the role, rather than seeing divided loyalties compromise a vote at the forthcoming committee elections.

As I say, I don't know. But what I do know is that Derbyshire cricket owes a huge debt of gratitude to Don Amott. He has provided genuine leadership since 2005 and has always been a man of great dignity and affability. He has always had time to speak to people, has been approachable at all times and has been a steady hand on the tiller. There is no coincidence that Derbyshire's improved financial position in recent seasons has coincided with Amott's tenure, allied to Keith Loring coming in as Chief Executive.

His financial acumen is there for all to see, having built up a nationally known business with its heartbeat within the county. His friendship with John Morris is well known and some will now start rumours of changes at that level too. I'm not so sure. Morris' contract is up at the end of the season and whoever takes over from Don Amott would be silly to do anything before then. The signs are that Morris has again recruited soundly this winter in difficult times and the club may enjoy an improved summer. September will be the time to judge that and to judge John Morris, not before.

As for Don Amott, there is no question that he has been a massive asset to Derbyshire cricket. Whatever the reasons behind his departure, the club are sure to miss him immensely. On behalf of all fans of the county, I'd like to say a big thank you to him for his efforts and hope that we still see him on a regular basis at the County Ground, Chesterfield and beyond.

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