Sunday, 19 July 2009

Spectre on the horizon...

Following discussion on the 606 boards, I'd like to clarify the situation with regard to Chris Rogers and Derbyshire in 2010

Essentially, as things stand, Rogers would NOT be able to play for Derbyshire next season.

The regulations as they stand are that players must have either one Test in 2 years, 5 Tests in 5 years or 15 one day internationals in 5 years.

Rogers only Test appearance came in January 2008, which would mean that by April 2010he would no longer satisfy the visa requirements as his appearance would have been more than two years ago.

Of course, if he plays for the Aussies this winter it changes things a little, but as things stand, we will be back in the hunt for a new overseas player for 2010.

There's a few future articles in that one, I'm sure. If you've any ideas, why not let me know?


Anonymous said...

How did North manage to play for 5 Counties?

Chris said...

Because that was before the new rules came in. He came and played quite a few cameo roles.