Sunday, 12 July 2009

Gripping stuff...

I watched most of the Test match this afternoon and would have to say that for sheer excitement it beat any 20/20 match you care to mention.

That England bowled poorly and that their top order played some injudicious strokes is undeniable, but the efforts of the tail, especially Panesar and Anderson, to keep out the Australians were magnificent. Paul Collingwood also played a fine hand and showed his colleagues how it should be done.

It was all very similar to the approach that John Morris is trying to instil at Derbyshire that we saw today. Everyone in the side has a role to play in the batting and even when the top order are blown away on occasion, it is still possible to make things difficult for the opposition.

It was a big contrast to the morning when some of the batsmen played as if it were a twenty over bash. Those who saw todays play will discuss it for a long time. Those who played in it will never forget it.


Anonymous said...

Hello Peakfan, welcome back. Any idea how long Nantie will be out for?

Peakfan said...

Dunno my friend! Depends on how badly he's done his ankle but I've heard nothing to suggest it is long term. I suspect he may be back for the next game, personally.
Thanks for the welcome back!